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posted by yellow_frog

I remember how happy I was when I found out The Nutcracker is not the only Barbie movie, that there will be a lot of them. As a kid, I of course knew Rapunzel story, but I don't think I ever saw any movie adaptation of it until my mom bough me Barbie version. To this day, I still think it's probably the best adaptation of this fairytale. But was the second Barbie movie as good as the first one for me? Well, time for review. The cover for Rapunzel movie is simple, but once again, it has a very classic feeling. I love Rapunzel's picture on it and while I don't think it's as amazing looking as the cover for The Nutcracker, the two covers looks great next to each other.


When you see this movie, you actually can notice how its animation is improved from the one in The Nutcracker, which is amazing, because given its release date, Rapunzel must have been already in production before the previous movie was released. Everything in this movie is much more detailed, especially characters' faces. I don't think Rapunzel is as beautiful as Clara, but she is still gorgeous and looks just like Barbie doll. I also love all the designs in this movie, and I especially adore the scene when Rapunzel paints all these dresses. Colours in that moment are awesome. All dresses designes are pretty, but my favourite is the final one and Rapunzel's hairstyle in it is beautiful. When it comes to clothes, the one design I also loved was Gothel's outfit when she pretented to be Rapunzel. Locations in this movie were not as mind blowing like in The Nutcracker, but I still adored designes of Gothel's castle and gardens in Stefan's palace. The scenes in the village also gave me this warm feeling. One thing in the movie I found extremaly pretty are Rapunzel's paintings. Simply gorgeous! 7/10


I love fantasy and I think Rapunzel is the one Barbie movie that fits this genre the best. It reminds me a little about Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Magic, castles, dragons and princesses... That and a little of dark atmosphere made me enjoy this movie very much. Like with The Nutcracker, I noticed in this movie many mature themes. Actually, it is perhaps the most mature movie in Barbie series? We deal in it with kidnapping, the war between kingdoms, separated brothers, the lover that gone insane after heartbreak. I loved all these tropes and how they used them. The whole movie was very interesting but for me the moment things got really intense was after Gothel trapped Rapunzel in the tower and went to the ball as her. I also loved how she was defeated at the end. Conclusion to her character was very clever and interesting. Relationships in the movie are very believable and development is great, especially for Penelope and her dad. 8/10


Like with The Nutcracker, the whole cast is so easy to adore. Rapunzel is similar to Clara, brave and kind. So yeah, her personality wasn't all that original, but hey, it was Barbie's second movie, we can't talk about repetitive formula yet. Rapunzel was curious about the world and wanted answers to her questions, I can actually relate to that. About Stefan, the scenes that make me like him a lot are small, subtle scenes, like the one where he waited for Rapunzel in the place he met her, or was concerned about his guards when they returned from the searching of Rapunzel. And of course, he was all about peace between kingdoms, that's great. Gothel is one of my favourite villains, she's not only dangerous, she is clever, and doesn't give second chances. She can steal every scene she's in. The sidekicks in the movie are also very enjoyable. Hobie and Otto are my favourites, they are hilarious. And then we have Penelope. I really felt sorry for her situation and every time she was sad because she thought she was not a perfect dragon. Hugo was also very interesting character, I loved how loyal to Rapunzel he was the second he found out what she did for him. If there is any character I have problem with, it's King Wilhelm. The man started war with another kingdom and seperated families for years because of something he did not even had a proof Frederick did. 7/10


Melodies in the movie are simply beautiful. I can listen to its tracks all the time. My favourite would be one right on the beginning of the movie and of course, the iconic dress change moment. It's such an amazing scene. The song used in the movie, Constant as the stars above, is gorgeous. I remember as a kid I was rewatching that scene so many times singing it. Today I find it just as much beautiful as back then. 9/10

CONCLUSION: Amazing adventure

The movie is supposed to show that love and imagination can change the world and after watching the movie, I can totally believe in that. It was another amazing Barbie production. I would not give it such a high praise as The Nutcracker, but it was still wonderful. I actually can remember as a kid I prefered Rapunzel to The Nutcracker. My opinion changed with age, however, what did not change is that Barbie as Rapunzel is still that gorgeous movie that I can enjoy no matter how many times I saw it. I guess for some of you my opinion can be boring, since it's another positive review, but what can I say. The first Barbie movies were that spectacular. It was later when problems started...
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