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BARBIE and the Secret Chamber
Susan as Barbie
Louis as Ken
Margret as Teresa
Brutus: Barbie aka Susan’s pet dog
Bette: She is villain of the story
Peter: Teresa aka Margret’s friend
Susan: Fair skin, yellow hair, green eyes and pink lips
Louis: Fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes and pink lips
Margret: dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes and oval shaped face
Brutus: He is a spaniel.
Plot of story
Susan and Louis are classmates, they are in their 2nd year of college. Margret is Susan’s best friend and Brutus is Susan’s dog. All three plans for vacation because college life had made them tired and bored. When one day when Susan was coming to home along with Brutus she saw a lottery shop and tried her luck. I n this she got a chance to visit Rome with Louis and Teresa. Now you have to wait to see that what happens with Susan, Louis and Teresa that change their life’s for ever.
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