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Barbie Movies Question

Can anyone help me out by telling me from where i can download a barbie movie ?

You need to install an app named u torrent and from there you need to search for the Barbie movie you like. just remember to add this extension(torrent file)at the end of any movie you want. e.g: Barbie as the Island Princess torrent file. After younsearch it, you'll see some sites on a web page that tells you the link to download movies. Always remember to click the very first
mithila4015 posted over a year ago
 nofrndofmine posted over a year ago
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Barbie Movies Answers

Lilygem said:
You can download it on Dailymotion. They have a Barbie Princess Power. Sometimes on YouTube they have it, like Princess and the Popstar, or Mermaid Tale.
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posted over a year ago 
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