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just then the school's most famous boy or you may call the campus prince entered ran will you come with me for the dance he asked no she told what the class yelled no she told why he asked i have really important things to do i am going out stephen she told hope you understand she told ok no problem next time stephen told and walked away what she asked you rejected the campus prince sophie asked i have important work ran told important work?the prince asked you and rejected him sophie screamed i told i have important work ran told.
For a week ran was absent. when ran came she had a bright smile...
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EXAMPLE (My Character!)
Name:Sakura Hiruji
Crush:Valt Aoi
Does Valt Like Me Back?: Yes, I heard he has a crush on me back.
Siblings: Shu
Friends: Valt, Shu (As Siblings!) Puppet Guy, Diago, Headcho,Valt's Schoolfriends, Toko, Nika
Best friends: Valt
Beyblade Name:Justice Jepromcher
Beyblade Color: Orange,White And Red
Beyblade Burst Color: Light Yellow
Beyblade Type: Defensive
Am I in the BeyClub?: Yes, All The Boys think I shouldn't be In There cuz Ima Girl, But, Only Valt Thinks It's ok!
House: A Mansion
Do I think Winning In Beyblade is Everything?: No,Not at All, i think it's About Having fun!
You can Create as much Characters as you want!
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