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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Question

If you will create a new season of Bakugan what characters,bakugans.enemies you will add and what it will be about?

If I created new season I will not add new brawlers, just their enemies.Shun will be darkus brawler and he will have new bakugan darkus deathcraft, Fabia's bakugan will be haos light angel,Elright and Ren will be legioners.There will be all old brawlers from all seasons.Their enemies will be Delphania.Their bakugans and troopers will be cybernetics
 Shun97 posted over a year ago
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Answers

IloveDxC said:
Chan Lee
Jenny and Jewls

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posted over a year ago 
and alice yes
lucyfairytail posted over a year ago
KunaGrit said:
If I created a new I will probably just add my character with shun and the rest of the brawlers. It would be about my character who can time travel through time and can do fascinating things ect
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posted over a year ago 
In my new season,the original oix all have children.the kids at around ten start brawling against other teams and all is well until a mysterious asteroid crashes to earth. It contains an odd substance known as cratem that gives a bakugan a major energy boost.It enters the brawlers's bakugan and they all evolve.Then once word get's out,everyone is after that power.It is the new brawler's job to protect that power from evil.Can they?

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posted over a year ago 
ShurisuTR said:
1. Dan
2. Shun
3. Alice
4. Runo
5. Ace
6. Ren
7. Fabia
8. Julie
9. Marucho
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posted over a year ago 
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