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Sp1r1t posted on Aug 27, 2010 at 09:59PM
To return to Pandora!!!

Might see it tomorrow, who knows. But Avatar is not in IMAX 3D yet :(

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over a year ago alexajaye said…
I'm actually going to see it on Sunday since I wrangled my cousin into going with me. I'm really excited to see how all the new scenes fit into the standard cut. I'm also really looking forward to the extended edition that's supposed to come out this fall. I sure hope James Cameron makes good on his promise to put as much back in as he said he would!
over a year ago Sp1r1t said…
Yeah I know! It looks like I may have to go by myself, since I basically went with everyone that I know to see the movie when it first came out. Lol, I have to see it!
over a year ago alexajaye said…
Going to see the Special Edition was very worth it, especially with the longer scenes. My favorites at the moment are the school, the sturmbeest hunt and the scene at the end with Tsu'tey. I cried like a baby, if that's any indication how emotional the scene was.

Seeing it in 3D was amazing. I didn't get to see it the first time around, so I was excited to see it. Definitely worth the pesos I paid to see it.
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over a year ago Sp1r1t said…
I don't have pesos, but I will use USD to enjoy it! :D