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savetheearth posted on Jan 18, 2010 at 07:29PM
For all of you feeling bad about Pandora and the fact that it doesn't exist, look into Africa and South America or even up north in Canada. There are indigenous people who have the same views of life and nature as the Na'vi and they get no attention. There are few trees that still surround these indigenous people and these people live off of the forest that surrounds them. These forests are getting destroyed just like the Na’vi's home tree was going to be destroyed. People are dying on a daily basis due to their home lands being destroyed. If you travel to these lands you can see that life is just like that on Pandora. All of you people that feel upset that Pandora doesn't exist; it does exist in Africa, South America and Canada. Instead of being upset, try to help these indigenous people just like Jake Sully did. You can start by visiting link where you can help people just like the Na’vi. They have the same views on nature and life and they also don’t want to move from their home lands but they are constantly getting moved, and having their homes destroyed by loggers, cattle farmers, and miners. The Pandora from Avatar may not exist, and you may not be able to save the Na’vi people but you can easily help save the indigenous people all over the world who have the same soul as the Na’vi.

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over a year ago savetheearth said…
A quote from the organization.

"Survival’s supporters are often the only barrier that stands between tribal peoples and those that wish to take their land and so destroy them. Without your support we can do nothing. With it, we can help tribal peoples take on the governments and corporations that threaten their very existence – and win.

‘Without Survival, we’d all be dead.’
Davi Kopenawa Yanomami
Yanomami shaman, Brazil
Regular donations are the best way to support Survival as they allow us to plan our work, confident in the knowledge of your regular support. Even £3 / $6 per month can make a big difference."

If everyone on this site contributed. The world will become much different and much more like Pandora.
over a year ago Sp1r1t said…
The only problem is, actually getting people to contribute. I wish you luck if your in this project.