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xDark_Angelx posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 03:22PM
Hate spoilers? Or feel bad for the people who can't see it but still can't help but tell how you feel about some things of the new episodes? Then this is the place! :D (I swear, I've made 3 of these...it's a good idea, really).

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over a year ago xDark_Angelx said…
The end with Tarlokk and Noatak just about broke my heart. Yeah, they're bad guys, but seeing the boat explode caught me off guard. I did not expect that.

I hope we get to see Bumi in season 2. After just less than five seconds, Ilike him already.

And YES, Noatak was totally hot. I thought I was alone on that. I don't know his exact age, but he doesn't seem too old. Tarlokk's story was incredible. Of all things, I had no clue (I doubt anyone did) there was a connection between Amon and Tarlokk and Yakonne. Despite everything, I do agree Yakonne is the source of all that happened.

I did not like the ending, though, with the Makorra kiss. I would be fine if they kept that out, and it was way too predictable. Even if it was sometime in season 2, I wouldn't mind. But at the end? Whatever. Minus this, I have to say it was a great season finale that made me laugh and cry and go nuts even. It made my morning.
over a year ago karlyluvsam said…
Im just so thrown man i mean come on !! water banders were the bad guys the hole Time !! in the last airbender we prayed for help from water benders !! but i so love that they are bad guys in this .. in this show lol were praying for help from firebenders this hole awesome !!

but is this the end end !! like for real i mean come on that will just crush me !!

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Im just so thrown man i mean come on !! water banders were the bad guys the hole Time !!  in the last
over a year ago 18wanda said…
I can't believe Aang came back to Korra and restored her bending. It was the perfect ending to the episode!
over a year ago xDark_Angelx said…
I was so devastated when Korra's bending was actually taken away, even for a while. The fact she couldn't bend actually made me tearbend. I would thought she would go all Avatar State when she was in danger or something. I was waiting...and waiting...and then, "NOOOO!" :o
over a year ago MJsValentine said…
The season finale was brilliant! So many unexpected twists...heck I either found myself biting my nails, burst out laughing or sobbing like a baby.

I wonder how Mike and Bryan managed to get the boat explosion scene past Nick's censors. I mean, LOK is pretty violent for a kids show but I never expected something as wicked and as extreme to be shown. Tarrlok and Noatak's story was really touching, and, to be perfectly honest, it saved the whole show for me. Their brotherly reunion made me sob as well. Both of them are easily in my top five now. It's easier to sympathise with them, now that we know their back story.

It was really great to see Korra go finally into the Avatar state. I've been waiting for this the whole time! I was pleased to see Aang and the previous Avatars as well.

General Iroh and Bumi better appear again in season two! They are too precious to be tossed away. Iroh's bending was phenomenal. Asami was amazing as well. Fate is definitely not going easy on her and the scene where she was fighting against her very own father was jaw-dropping. Her loyalty is impressive.

Bolin's one-liners were too hilarious...but it annoyed me how he and Asami were shoved under the carpet. Oh and Naga has officially reached legendary-status.

Coming to the things I didn't like so much, lol. I absolutely despise Mako. I tried to tolerate him, even at the end of episode ten because I hoped that he would redeem himself at one point..but no..he didn't. Why on earth would you tell somebody that you care about them AND then confess your love to another person a few hours later?!?! I'm also seriously embarrassed to say that I used to ship Makorra. Heck, I hated how they were shoved into our throat. The final scene was so cringe-worthy.

I also didn't like Korra in this episode. It's a shame because I think that she's pretty cool but her character made a HUGE step backwards. I expected her to be more calm, patient and less hot-headed when she was about to face Amon. All her progress of being patient and basically everything what Tenzin had taught her turned into dust. I also didn't like the way she acted when she lost her bending. I can empathise with the fact that she was devastated but I imagined her to be more...mature about it.

So yeah...that's about it xD
over a year ago MJsValentine said…
Um...I forgot to mention that I loved the music when Korra went into Avatar state. It was beautiful to hear ATLA's theme again.
over a year ago NightFrog said…
I have a love-hate relationship with the finale.

Things I freaking love- Noatak and Tarrlok. The more I saw of it, the more I was shouting "brilliant." Hands down the most tragic thing in The Legend of Korra. Such sweet boys corrupted and strained by their criminal father and his lust for revenge. Noatok wanted equality even back then- even though he was a prodigy he still defended his brother instead of boasting in the limelight. Still at young ages, Noatak and Tarrlok lost their innocence to this power, and it pushed them apart. Only for years later to be two sides of the same coin in Republic City, the slimy politician and the rallying "terrorist." ..Just, amazing. I do wish that they were explained more, though. I just want more- it felt so rushed. But the ending really shocked me, as well as ripped me apart- a suicidal move on Tarrlok's part to put an end to their "sad story." I couldn't believe what I was watching, this is a Nickelodeon show?!

I also liked Asami and Hiroshi's battle. I do wish, again, there was a little more, but I'll get to that later. Hiroshi was too blinded by his hatred to see his little girl, while Asami had to see her once loving father fall into denial and bitterness. I think the suspence and dark theme the finale had was excellent- there was hardly any humor, which is good, the music, the twists and turns, all was great. Plus, Bumi and Iroh- freaking yes. Iroh's way of fighting off the planes was really awesome, but I wish he was shown a little more.

What I didn't like though was how rushed it felt. I know that there's only 12 episodes in this season and they had to pack it all in, but there was a few holes that seemed to either be skipped over or briefly explained. I didn't like how Lin showed up out of nowhere with hardly any explanation, the Makorra thing I could care less (the "break up" between him and Asami was weak and felt sort of heartless- Mako is my least favorite in the series.) The whole atmosphere of these episodes felt almost surreal, as if I was dreaming up the entire thing. The pacing is the main problem I have- a lot of things aren't explained enough, the ending felt like a cop-out and was weak, it felt more like I was watching the series final instead of the season final.. etc. etc. Bitch and moan, bitch and moan.

Also, when Korra was crying about her bending- I sort of understood her distress, but I honestly couldn't feel for her. Maybe it's because a few seconds before two brothers blew up.. yeah, that would kind of suck out the feeling a bit for the next scene. It just seemed so petty next to that.
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over a year ago xDark_Angelx said…
I didn't even know Mako broke up with her. I asked my sister, and she was like, "I guess he did...just now." It was so flat, I didn't care for it. Asami can do better.
over a year ago NightFrog said…
^Lol, I wasn't sure at first either. I waited until the very end, and then re-thought, "wait, that was his way of breaking up with her?!" ..It was completely heartless, in my eyes.

Oh Mako, you're now fired from breathing. Please remove yourself from the planet.
over a year ago MJsValentine said…
I honestly wouldn't be sad if the writers decided to write his character off the show. It makes me sick to think that I used to tolerate Mako O___o

By the way, I re-watched the finale and I don't think it's as brilliant as I first stated. I guess I was so awestruck by Tarrlok and Noatak's story. The finale was somewhat underwhelming..
over a year ago 18wanda said…
I completely disagree. the finale showed Amon's story and I never would haev thought Korra would actually get her bending taken away. i figured she would go in the avatar state at the last second and save herself. And then when Aang showed up at the end...It was very satisfying, I think. Not to mention the Makorra moment at the end!
over a year ago gustav-am said…
I really like the part when she uses the airbending, though I guessed she would use her Avatar state. But the most awesome part of the season finale was her gaining her bending back, and all the past Avatars "activating" their power.

And if possible I would like a wallpaper of this very scene, but I suck at editing images and a printscreen isn't that good.