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shadirby posted on Apr 19, 2012 at 08:28PM
So I was thinking that MAYBE we could start and RP? Create your own character or be one of the characters in the show.
1) You can swear, but you might want to censor it. (You know with the symbol keys, $#!^)
2) Follow fanpop rules.
3) Nothing too sexual
4) No controlling anyone else's character unless they say you can
5) No trolling!
You probably know what to do, but for those that don't...

Here's the fill-out for all the people being their own character.

Any Weapons?:

My character/example:

Name: Hiromi Ukiko
Age: 15
Bending: Fire
Any Weapons?: Whip, and (der) bending
Personality: Stubborn, determined, smart, a bit snobby, cocky.
Appearance: Long layered dark brown hair, pale, dark brown eyes, a little short, muscular build.

*EDIT* We'll be waiting for a while until we start this...
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