Chapter 1 Amon Is Alive Part 2:

I continue to run thru the woods trying by myself time till my bending comes back or i get rid of them.I then saw them they were getting closer and closer to me. I started to wish Mako or someone saw me so then at least I be more evenly matched than i was right now. I also wished that Mako or my friends did not see me, becuase if anyone should get hurt should be me. If any of them got hurt I would not be able to forgive myself. I was just about to get my bending back when one of the chei blockers chei blocked me again. Then they also began to surround me. Right then at that moment in time that I would not be able to escape. I also was wondering why they were here. I was just about to ask when I heard a familiar voice yell my name and a growl.
"KORRA" mako yelled my name.
It was Mako and my loyal polar dog Naga.

Asami( at the police station):

"I need to speak to Lei on important business ". I told the gaurds that were outside her office. They then let me in to talk to her I then explained to her what was going on and what I saw. She thhen told me something that made my jaw drop and made me go white. she had said "Amon is alive. He is back to seek revenge on Avatar Korra for ruining his plans". I then told her Mako is folling the chei blockers but was not sure if Amon was with them that I only saw the chei blockers. She then said ok and told me Tenzin knew he was back and was on his way to get us to take us somwhere safe till we caught him or knew how to defeat him this time for good.

Mako and Korra

"How you know I was here? Why you here i can handle myself Mako". Korra said as she looked at Mako who now was standing next to her and Naga on the other side of her. " i saw you run into the forest, and me and Naga both got the same idea. That idea was that no one messes with Korra without going thru me. Korra then said "well thanks for comeing to my rescue city boy and girl", as she kissed him on the cheek and and Naga on the head. " Naga take Korra somewhere safe now". Naga wolfed as to say ok and befor Korra could saying anything else Naga picked her up in her mouth and took off out of the woods toward the park.After a couple fire blast from Mako the eventually retreated since there only orders where was to get Korra. Mako then took off to look for Korra.

Korra and Naga(in the park):

"Nagga why did you that" I said "We need to go back and help Mako he needs are help". i said to her, but also she did was grab my shirt everytime I tried to go back toward Mako. At least I knew she cared for me as I do her I still wish I could go back and help Mako. I waited for what seemed like hours, and evertime i heard a noise Naga would look toward the noise and growl. Then suddenly I heard something come from the woods I thru a fire board toward the sound and Naga jumped in front of me and started growling.
" Hey you almost hit me Korra", said the voice.
It was Mako. Sorry I said as I ran toward him wrapping my arms around him. " Glad to see you are all right city boy". Korra said as she kissed him and Naga gave him a big lick as to say thanks for protecting her. He then replied back to me saying " I should say the same to you". We decide we should head back .

Back at the dock where a worried Tenzin and Bolin where:

As me and Mako got back we noticed that Lei was there with Bolin,Tenzin,and Asami. Everyone had look on them,but not a worried look like someone just chased me, but like they saw a ghost. "What with the ghostly looks everyone"? Mako asked after getting off Naga then helping me off. Asami walked over to me gave me a big hug and said " Glad you're okay Korra Bolin and I were so worried". As she hugged me I knew something really bad must of happened during my chase since Asami had a ghostly look also. " What happened", I then asked since no one seemed to answer Mako's question". Lei then walked up and said " bad news we figured out why those chei blockers where chasing after i got a call from some of my recruits. Its Amon". she said. " Ya he is dead remember", I replied back to her. She then shook her head and said " No he is alive". "What" I then replied back with a suprised look. "Where is he"? " Korra the reason those chei blockers were after you then stoped when you left and Mako was there was because they want you. They have orders to capture you. Amon is here for revenge on you for ruining his plan." she then told me. Tenzin then told me where leaving to go somewhere safe till we can figure out how to defeat him for good this time or at least catch him.

I told him i am not running like a coward. Mako then told me I must so we could catch him without having to worry about any injures or worse he finds me and catches me and tries to end the Avatar state. I finally agree to go and we all get on the boat and head toward the Air Temple to start packing for the long trip. Tenzin said that he already sent a whit lotus out on a sky Bison to hellp protect her family in case he tries to attack them and that Lei said she has some officers that will be going there soon to help out.

The end of chapter 1.
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