I love the show Legend of Korra. I'd do anything to see it get another spin-off. But the thing is, Korra is very immature.

Now I know a lot of you are going to get extremely angry while reading this.

But Aang was so much more what an ideal avatar should be in my opinion. Korra is very immature, stubborn, and hot-headed. Aang was the opposite, polar opposite to be exact.

Korra should be enforcing peace, not wanting to start a war, she shouldn't have even involved Iroh.

Another thing is, Korra knew Mako was dating Asami, but she then decides to go confess her feelings. I'm okay with that part, but then, she kisses him. What about Asami? And Bolin! Did you see him with that snot dangling from his nose and the flower petals being carried away by the wind?

Have you ever noticed that Korra cries way more then the other members of Team Avatar?
Why should she be crying?

Korra has not one but TWO of her parents, great friends, and she's the avatar. And, looking back at Aang's generation, he had a way bigger problem then she did.

*Mako- Lost his parents when he was just a young boy, torn between two girls, and only has a scarf to remember his father.

*Bolin- Lost his parents when he was young, the girl he likes doesn't have the same feelings, and Eska tortures him in almost every episode of the second season.

*Asami- Father tried to kill her, Father is helping Amon, Mother is dead, Father is in jail, People keep stealing her Future Industries equipment.

*Korra- Has both parents, a polar bear dog, a boyfriend-- Why does she cry?

Shes afraid of Amon, and got her bedning taken away.

Except she could still air bend. We all know air-bedning is extremely rare since the fire Nation killed all but 5 of them(Aang,Tenzin,Ikki,Jenora,Meelo.)
But what does Korra do? She mopes and cries.

She's extremely immature as I said before.

The show hardly has any character development except for Tarrlock and Amon's backstory. But then they died...

Don't get me wrong, I love the show,. In fact I look forward to the week because of this, American Horror Story, and Total Drama All Stars.

I just don't like Korra as much as some other characters.

This is just MY opinion, don't hate on me, comment your opinion.