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Avatar: Last Aribender to Cell Block Tango! It's perfect! ;)
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Jet : *lost in the Fire Nation village, trying to find a way out of there* Where am I? I never went to this part of the village.
Azula : *in her cell, looking at Jet* Who are you and what are you doing here?
Jet : Oh.. I'm lost, so what are you doing in the cell?
Azula : Shut it! Get me out of this place!
Jet : Who are you?
Azula : You don't need to know.
Jet : I am not releasing unknown people.
Azula : If that's how you play the games, take this! *throws a pouch at Jet, making him hypnotized*
Azula : Alright, get me out of this place.
Jet : *hypnotized, Jet stole the keys from a guard and unlocked...
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Okay so for the final chapter we will be seeing the story in the finale in the last three episodes, so enjoy the story.

Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
Jet after weeks of traveling finally managed to find the Order of The White Lotis. However he was attacked when they first saw him. "Wait! Wait! I come in peace! I just need you're help!" begged Jet.

"Let him go!" said an old man. The man was kind of fat, old, had long hair with a bald spot, and a beard. "It's nice to see you again."

"It's you! What are you doing here?" questioned Jet.

"I'm the leader of the Order of The White Lotis. Now tell...
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Two weeks has past since Azula took her plan into action. She hadn't killed him yet but she did earn his trust. They had many fights but Jet considered them to be friends. Azula wasn't sure what to think, she still was planning to kill him but at the same time felt something strange. She just saw something inside him, even though he irritated her, she also found something about him interesting.

One day they were at the peak of the hide out, where Jet looks over the city to see if there's trouble. Azula was watching over it being unsure when she'll kill him. Jet spotted her and thought he'd talk...
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