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Avatar characters' wardrobe
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You get to know all characters clothes
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At the end of Sozin's comet part 4, when Zuko asked Ozai "Where's my mother", I knew he would not have an immediate answer. This eluded to a possible continuation of the series, or at least another show....but this was not to be. Happily, Dark Horse had picked up the reins and led us onto the further adventures of our favorite gaang. After years of wondering and waiting, we are finally able to embark on yet another life-changing field trip with Zuko-actually it's Azula's turn-to quell that question that has burned in our minds for so long.
amid the back story and our troop's various distractions,...
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Okay so they're all on Appa on their way to the Northern Water Tribe. But Azula is worried what to do when the sun goes down.

"So avatar how long will it take us to get to the north pole" asked Azula

"Well, last time it took us two months, but from Ba Sing Se it should take us just a month to get there" said Aang

"A month? It'll take that long?" asked Azula

"Yes it will" said Aang

"When do we stop to make camp" asked Azula

"I say we go until the moon is up" said Zuko

"But, shouldn't we set up camp before the sun goes down" asked Azula

"No, that will take us longer and the sooner you get there the sooner...
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Over on tumblr someone had asked me for my opinions on this video: link It is about 50 minutes long, but, in my opinion, is well worth the watch. So I decided to watch it and give my thoughts.

I definitely agree with the first part where the narrator says that Azula’s psychology is the result of a broken family and poor parental upbringing.
But I do disagree with the sadism bit. I’ve typed about this many, many times. I feel like there was really only one time that sadism could be argued and that was when she smiled at the burning of Zuko’s face. But beyond that, I feel like sadism is...
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