Ariana Grande Ariana FOTM! {July: OPEN!}

Juilet1234 posted on Jul 19, 2011 at 12:23AM
I never made a pick, but I still think we should have a Fan of the Month :) You can nominate anybody but yourself that are Ariana fans.

1. Please don't vote for yourself. Even if you think you deserve it xD
2. One user can only win FOTM for one month. So if somebody wins July, please don't nominate the July winner for August or any other months. :)

I will make a pick in a few days and then the winners gets interviewed :) Have fun!

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over a year ago Juilet1234 said…
I nominate arianabigfan123 :)
over a year ago besthannah1girl said…
SmileyMiley216 :)
over a year ago ChocolatWoman said…
juilet1234 :D