Anime How do you think Attack on Titan will end ? Do you think the season 2 will be more than good ?

Pick one:
In an epic War Titan shifters vs Humanity or Humanity vs Humanity
Armin will be the alone survivor (Op2, Armin with human blood)
They will all die (Eren's "dream" episode 1)
Isayama is a genius, I read the manga and It's becoming clever like Death Note
Maybe the titan in the wall will kill everyone ?...
I dont think it will be good..It's always titans vs humans..
I think AoT need more humans vs humans, I hope for the season 2 to do that.
AoT is very good, but we need more mysteries and fantasy.
The End2 is very interesting, I just hope the Op and end to be epic like the S1.
 ElisaSNK posted over a year ago
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