Anime Pick 1 Anime character to protect you, the rest will try to kill you.(The assists can't be killed)

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Pick one:
Berserk Titan (can kill Saitama,Arima,Goku and Kira can't kill Levi)
Kira (can kill Arima, Levi,Goku and Saitama can't kill Berserk Titan)
Arima (Can may be kill Levi, kill Kira can't kill Saitama,Goku)
Levi(Can may be kill Arima, kill Kira, Berserk titan,Goku can't kill Saitama)
Saitama (kill Arima,Goku and Kira can't kill berserk titan and Levi)
Magikarp Squad (Can kill with the effort attack:Saitama,Levi,Goku,Kira)
Goku (kill Arima, Kira,Levi and may be Saitama can't kill Magikarp Squad)
Yuno (If you pick Levi,She will assist Levi in the battle:cutt for senpai)
Mikasa (If you choose Berserk Titan Mikasa will assist in the battle and protect)
L (If you pick Arima, L will assist him during the battle to eliminate Kira)
Kaneki (If you pick Magikarp Squad, Kaneki will assist them and kill Arima))
Luffy (If you pick Goku, Luffy will assist him. Luffy will eat the Magikarp Squad
Evil Ash (If you choose Saitama, Evil Ash will assist him whit a Pokeball)
Armored Titan (If you pick Kira, the Armored Titan will try to kill Eren)
 TueuseSurvivor posted over a year ago
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