Anime Out of all these Studio Ghibli related things: which one do you agree with the most?

Pick one:
Favorite Ghibli movie- Mononoke Hime
Least Favorite Hayao Miyazaki Movie- Ponyo
Least Favorite Ghibli Movie- Ocean Waves
First Ghibli Movie-spirited away
Favorite Takahata movie- Grave or the fireflies
Favorite sidekick- Calcifer
Favorite Soundtrack- Stroll Through the Sky
Favorite Scene- Bus Stop Scene
Favorite Male Character- Baron
Favorite Female Character- San
Least Favorite Male Character- Arren (Earthsea)
Least Favorite Female Character- Muto (ocean waves)
Most Underrated Ghibli Movie- From Up Upon The Poppy Hill
Favorite Quote (click on It)
Favorite Couple
Worst Dub
I don&# 39; t agree on any of these
I don't agree on any of these
 viktoriya773 posted over a year ago
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