Anime What Anime should i watch...PLZ ADD MORE!!!!

Pick one:
Added by Quinzark
Death note
Added by deathnote
special A
Added by turkila
Added by hellgirl223
Lucky Star
Added by Doctor_Who
D. Gray-man
Added by chibiallen
blood pluss
Added by MidoriSuki
Dragon Ball Z and GT
Dragon Ball Z and GT
Added by poddo
full moon
Added by stef4e
vampire knight and vampire knight guilty
Added by kawaiizero
shugo chara,la corda d'oro and kyo kara maoh
Fate/stay night
Added by Shwele
Zatch Bell
Added by xEMMUREx
Chobits,Code Geass,Azumanga Dioh(picture is Code Geass)
Added by ouranhostess
Ouran High School Host Club
Added by shortynme
School Rumbble
Added by eruga
Added by Ishkie
Cowboy bebop & amp; as no- ones added it Fruits basket
Cowboy bebop & as no-ones added it Fruits basket
Added by Storystuff
Fruits Basket
Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hellsing
Added by raikagebee
junjou romantica ((warning yaoi))
Added by 24annie24
spice and wolf
Added by sir_lancelot
Gravitation ((warning boys love))
Added by yuuram
detective conan
Added by sussana
Kateikyoushi Hitman reborn
Added by Kanade
Added by RENJI2
Added by Ayaka
death note and loveless
death note and loveless
Added by izbia150
Added by chocolate18
Pandora Hearts
Added by Sansaxvia
Soul Eater
Sgt. Frog
Added by Gyroball13
Kaichou Wa Maid- sama
Kaichou Wa Maid-sama
Added by FMA_Rocks
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Added by KayakoFanatic
ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai (Anohana)
One Piece
Added by wishey
07- Ghost
Added by Joseph_King
pokemon and naruto
pokemon and naruto
Added by akatsukigal
Bakugan and Yugioh 5ds, you can find them on...
Bakugan and Yugioh 5ds, you can find them on youtube
Added by draco11
Star Driver
Added by Siren-Lamia
kuroko no basuke
Added by to0ota111
Every single one in existence and then some!!!!
Added by RaandRr
fairy tail
beyond the boundary
Added by twinkleshine
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