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This Anime photo contains cocktail dress, sheath, and frock. There might also be hosiery, hose, dress, frock, shirtwaist, and shirtwaister.

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When it comes to anime, especially those involving the undead, there's not really a whole lot that involve zombies. Sure, there's Corpse Princess, but the "zombies" in that show are more like demons... which makes High School of the Dead truly one of a kind in the horror anime department.

What do you get when you take a George A. Romero zombie movie like Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead, combine it with an ecchi/harem anime such as Love Hina, and throw in a few elements from Splatterhouse and Dead Rising? You get High School of the Dead, a 12-episode anime series based on the manga...
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Nose bleed from chest
Nose bleed from chest
everyone at my school keep asking why do anime boys always have nosebleeds?And im tired of it so in this artical i'll explain.But im pretty sure you all know why.

REASONS WHY explination:
The reason why is beacuse anime boys are perverts.
even when they son't want to be one they are.So anyway they get noebleeds for two main reasons.

Reason 1:the first reason is if they see a girl naked.
Reason 2:They see a realy pretty girl and think perverted thoughts.
Those are the two main reasons but theres many more such as finding a girl in ur bed.Or even seeing a pretty girl.Also it could be like in naruto when they read perverted books.perverts could be just if they see a big chested girl.And it And you know they always get beatup after being perverts (which as a girl i would beat them up too!)Well i hope this answerd that question which i know more than half of you already know.
nosebleed from naked girl
nosebleed from naked girl
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hatsune miku
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goblin slayer
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Muggen meets Yatsuha(Jap)/Samurai Champloo
muggen meets yatsuha(jap)
samurai champloo
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girls beyond the youth koya
shoujo-tachi wa kouya wo mezasu
(Quick Note: This list is from my original Top 20 Favorite Animated Villains list. I didn't have time to do any major edits, so I apologize for any of the mistakes on this list. Hopefully, you will still enjoy the list nonetheless)

There are a lot of heroes, or at least protagonists in animation. but, what is a hero without the villain. A villain, or antagonist, if you will, is usually some obstacle that the protagonist must overcome, with the villain being the largest obstacle the protagonist has faced yet. And, let me tell you all something, there are a LOT of amazing villains out there. From...
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