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This Anime photo might contain meteorological balloon.

Fan service put simply is stuff the producers do to boost rating usually in more mature anime. The most common one is revealing a girl's undergarments in some way or form. Why is this bad many great manga get turned into animes with to much fan service. Fan service often can ruin an anime and reduce its amount of viewers. Not to mention it also lowers the chance of it ever becoming dubbed.

I will now give examples of some animes that overdid this compared to its manga.

1 rosario vampire in the manga it is teen at most parts at least, In the anime they put a pantie shot almost every 3minutes which can be really annoying and ruin the epicness of the scenes.

However the worst one of my list is girls bravo. This anime went beyond words of fan service. The manga was about 15 plus and had few shower scenes.
In the anime there was about 3 bath scenes with nudity per episode making it was mature.

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Hi people, I decided to write about my most hated characters in anime. Take the poll here: link. Don't make a big fuss if I hate one of your favorite characters because it's only my opinion. Also, I live in China, so don't expect my grammar to be correct all the time.

10. Hanayo Koizumi: SHE HAS THE WORST VOICE IN μ's!!! I find her to be really annoying. Some people may think Nico is the annoying one, but she really isn't. She's just cute and stubborn:3

9. Satsuki Kiryuin: I used to like her because I thought she was pretty and confident, so practically she was an idol to me. As a result, she...
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I just don't get people who hate anime! I have a friend who if anime comes up in a sentnce we get in arguments about it and she states that its stupid! I just don't get her. I try to show her that its asom but she won't change her mind. Also when she saw my Vampire Knight jacket she said "Realy..?" with a discusted face.

On the other hand I know another person who thinks anime is stupid!He asked "What is with you and anime its stupid".I replied "Its asom!". He shruged off my answer and turned away.

No mater what I will never get people who don't like anime. And I don't most of you who are reading this will eather.
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Cho ripped at her eyes, trying to remove the blindfold that had turned her world black. She flung her scrawny arms out in frustration, hoping to whack her attacker. Not that a ten year old girl could do much damage to a middle aged man. Her attacker pursed his lips tightly, barely breathing. Honestly, he didn’t want to do this…he had a daughter himself, the same age as the girl he was holding in his arms, which proved difficult as she began to thrash violently, her screams slicing the cool silence of night.
Fireflies swayed lazily in the night air, blinking and glowing against a starless...
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Korean Otaku marries his Anime Pillow Fate Testarossa
Korean Otaku marries his Anime Pillow Fate Testarossa
1.The feeling or opinion that two-dimensional anime, manga or game characters are more attractive (visually, physically or emotionally) than real-life people (from the English "2D complex".)
Can you believe nijikon want to legalise marriage with fictional characters? That's totally ridiculous.

2.Nijikon (二 次 コン?) is a Japanese term used to refer to people who are only interested or obsessed with the form of two-dimensional form of the character of anime, manga, and video games, which incidentally is related to two dimensions on paper or screen, as well as figure doll of the character....
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