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Inuyasha !
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NOTE: The reason the whole story refers to me is 'MimiBlue' instead of 'animegurl235' is because i copied and pasted this straight from my fanfiction account


and I was to lazy to edit anything :P. So yeah! ENjoy!

Hi guys! This is MimiBlue and it's my first fanfiction! YAY! I really want to be a writer when I grow up so I just wrote this small story based off of Episode 5 of Attack on Titan I love love LOVE the pairing of Eren and Mikasa so I just HAD to write this! :D SO without further ado…. 'Promise Me'. (Told from Mikasa's POV) And the title SUCKS I know
P.S: plz R&R

NOTE: At...
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posted by Sasunaru120
1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.

4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

How to Use: II

1. This note shall become the property of the...
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Here are the participants.
-Sasuke Uchiha
-Ash Ketchum
-Sebastian Michaelis
-Oz Bezarius
-Shun Kazami
-Naruto Uzumaki
-Izaya Orihana
-Ikuto Tsukiyomi
-Ciel Phantomhive
-Claire Stanfield
-Otani Atsushi
-Edward Elric
-Ichigo Kurosaki

Nmber #20. Sasuke Uchiha.

In the story, Sasuke is a member of the Uchiha clan, a highly skilled clan of ninjas allied to the village of Konohagakure. His primary motivation throughout the series is to avenge the destruction of his entire clan by killing his brother, Itachi Uchiha, a task he pursues at all costs.

Sorry Sasuke, but...
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posted by Sasunaru120
ur BF:Sasuke
ur BFF:Tenten
ur enemy:ino;sakura
ur rank:chunnin
you look like the picture
about you:
you are very strong you do things very well.your really nice and help out alot. you work hard and know team work counts.sasuke loves you no matter what and loves you because your not a fan girl. all the fan girls hate you b/c sasuke is yours.

what the characters think of you:
Naruto:she way nicer than sasuke and helps me train.
Sasuke:i love her, she understands meand we do everything together.
Sakura:i hate her she took sasuke from me*cries*sasuke
Shikamaru:she cool
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posted by hellopuppy_78
"Man,do you hate school or what!"said Milo grumbled holding his books."Most definitely!"said his twin brother Miko caring his and his girlfriend's books.Then both heard a girl scream they look behind them and they see girl flying avoiding signs and gunshots."Is she flying?!?!"asked Jen,Miko's girlfriend,terrified.Th girl went crashing down when Milo's and her eyes met.They all went over and picked her up."She's out should we take her home?"Miko asked."No we shouldn't what if she's a wanted criminal,"Jen said holding the girl's head up.Milo just carried her like a baby and said,"Let's go."
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