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Vampire Sasuke
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This picture reminded me of Jiro and Sasuke my 2 of my favorite anime dudes!!!
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black blood brothers
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One Punch Man Season 2
One Punch Man Season 2
Warning, there might be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

In defense of One Punch Man Season 2. Some of you must not of read the OPM Manga and Web Comics if you think like that. In defence of One Punch Man S2. It may look different cause of JC Staff and not Madhouse doing it, but i know the fights and storyline may be good. The S2 trailer looks like it follows the Manga so far. So i'm just going off on the OPM Manga and Webcomics which is further than the Anime. I can see that there should be no way to screw up the storyline given to JCStaff. I am hoping it will be good. Just going off...
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