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DanteSparda751 posted on Apr 03, 2017 at 09:02AM
In this world you can be whatever you want, example Mercenary, Bard, Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Knight, Bandit,Sorcerer,etc. Sound fun right? Heh, This world you will live in is full of dark secrets which are demons,trolls,goblins,undead,Horny Orcs,etc and also some disgusting pedophiles,rapist and so on and so forth. ( Keep in mind this took place on a dark world w/ fantasy creatures and weapons but still ya can live a normal life)

Rules :

1. No God Power Level Character.

2. No Bullying or Harassing someone.

3. You can create many characters as you want.

4. You can use your own Original Anime Character or a Existing one.

Name :
Powers/Special Abilities: (Just don't take this one too far)
Extra Information : (Optional)

Have Fun! and feel free to ask questions!
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