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anifanfreak posted on Mar 08, 2016 at 10:49PM

It's been three months since the end of the Revolutionary War, the name Night Raid has all but disappeared from the minds of the people. Najenda had fallen gravely ill and accepted her inevitable fate. Before her death she developed new Imperial Arms and distributed them to the seven soldiers she had put the most trust in, She even rebuilt the Imperial Arms lost in the war, Susanoo, Incursio, Pumpkin, Yatsufusa, Lionelle, Shambahala, Gaia Foundation, and Rubicante. But tension is stirring beneath the peace, a new group of war mongering murderers and criminals have gathered to form the Chaos Rebels.

You are a traveler from outside the influence of the old Empire, however you know the struggles everyone had been through, you decide to move to the New Empire.

Just do whatever you want except you must:

- Be Respectful
- Refrain from too much offensive language
- Don't Kill Characters without permission
- Have fun!



Affiliation: (Mercenary, Night Raid, Jaegers, Chaos Rebels)
Imperial Arms: (If any, choose from below if any are "AVAILABLE")
Extra Info:


(Taken Imperial Arms cannot be taken by anyone else, cannot be claimed if "LOST")


Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot - - - Wave

One Cut Killer: Murasame - - - Akame

Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema - - - Run

Animal King: Lionelle - - - Rebecca Brown (Horofox)

Cutter of Creation: Extase - - - Mikan Saito (pandafangirl)

Demon Armor: Incursio - - - AVAILABLE

Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract - - - LOST

Dimensional Formation: Shambahala - - - AVAILABLE

Double Bladed Axe: Belvaac - - - Irene Sun (neomyoc2)

Great Pressure: Heavy Tremor - - - LOST

Infinite Uses: Cross Tail - - - AVAILABLE

L'Arc Qui Ne Faut - - - AVAILABLE

March of the Dead: Yatsufusa - - - AVAILABLE

Military Music Dream: Scream - - - AVAILABLE

Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir - - - Makoto Saito (pandafangirl)

Omnipotent Five Sights: Spectator - - - LOST

Purgatory Invitation: Rubicante - - - AVAILABLE

Roman Artillery: Pumpkin - - - AVAILABLE

The Mysterious: Adayusu - - - LOST

Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin - - - AVAILABLE

Chrono Cast: Semphiria - - - Sakura

Hands of Sentiment: Siegfried - - - Saras

Unholy Cleaver: Ragnorok - - - Guiles

Dimensional Shears: Kagamine - - - Yusuke Kisaragi (anifanfreak)

Eyes of Youth: Yggdrasil - - - Fuko

Great Frozen Marksman: Urr - - - LOST

Talisman of the Gods: Aigis - - - AVAILABLE


Any Questions? Don't be afraid to ask!
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over a year ago neomyoc21 said…
I um....pass"she said and began to run
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- I let her run. Let's head out Yusuke.
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He simply nodded and turned awaying back towards the town and the Inn* That was irresponsible. If you plan on inheriting Lionelle you've got to have better primal instincts. That girl, Irene Sun, emitted a sense of danger I haven't felt since Akame's rage three months ago during the conclusion of the war... It was unlike any I've sensed before. I'll tell you the truth, I was actually a better match for Lionelle than I was with Kagamine but I couldn't bring myself to inherit the weapon of a person I respected but still ultimately let down and let die. Now do you understand why you should have gagued that girls strength before you simply provoked her, you're lucky she doesn't have a bad temper like a lot of Imperial Arms Users.
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- If she fought me Id fight her right back and probably win. So if she had anger issues it would make things way more interesting
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: You're underestimating her, that saying, "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" really does apply to this world. And that was one instance, you'd be slaughtered if you fought her. She's said to be on par with Akame, THE Akame. And I doubt I could beat her, let alone you. Especially without Lionelle. And if you're this reckless then Lionelle might just reject you as it's master. I was extraordinarily and utterly rejected by Incursio, the Demon Armor. So I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- Fine i guess your'e right in a way... But if i backed down like i was weak id be rejected as well.
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: If you were to back down from a fight you knew you'd die in if you were to engage, then you wouldn't be weak, you'd be smart. There are two things you need to know about Lionelle, It's not the Pickiest Imperial Arms, and that being said that already makes it the Pickiest of them all It knows what it wants and can sense when you have it, if you don't instantaneous rejection, it can smell potential. You don't think Leone was the superhuman she used to be before she was in Night Raid now did you? If you did you'd be dead wrong, she was weak, a coward, and above all, she was hopeless to everyone including herself, but that knowledge and the acknowledgement of that knowledge already made her the strongest she'd ever be, and seeing that will to fight and survive Lionelle chose her as its master. Or so the story goes, but as it came from Akane I could say that it's pretty valid. So, so long as you know what you're fighting for and are ready to face life or death situations it'll attatch to you without a doubt. Like Kagamine here did for me. Accept everything about yourself, your Past, your Present, and your untold Future and Lionelle is sure to take to you.
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- I use Lionelle to fulfill a promise. A promise that I believe hasn't been broken weither she's alive or not. But I want you to take me to this Night Raid and to explain it on the way
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He smiled a bit with a slight confidence* You remind me of Leone. Okay, I'll take you to see Akame. Come. *He walks ahead of her* Night Raid used to be a small, very secretive organization of highly skilled assassins, geared towards ending the age of oppression led by Minister Honest, who Leone had killed, she died not long after that though unfortunately, I was sent away to liberate the Mountain Pass so that the northern Forces could make it on time but we ran into complications and almost 80% of the group was wiped out because of Imperial Arms users and natural disasters like avalanches. Few survived but I should have just left them in the care of my partner at the time but I cose not to leave. I could have helped them all, prevented at least a few of their deaths. SO many of them were unnecessary, Sheele... Tatsumi... Leone... And even Esdeath. She had changed in the end. She wasn't the murderous, ruthless general of Ice she had been known as, Tatsumi had warmed her heart and she learned to love, I believe that she could have changed, for the better. Night Raid was Amazing, Lubbock, Mine, Bulat, Chelsea, Susano'o, and Najenda. They were incredible people, and all extremely powerful. And now, all that's left of them is the strongest of them all, Akame. Holder of the One Cut Killer, Murasame. And elder sister of my former friend, Kurome the previous master of another of my weapons, March of the Dead: Yatsufusa, of course, I don't use it, not have it with me. I can't accept that weapon as I am now. Especially since I have Kagamine, but that doesn't mean I haven't resorted to using it before... Yatsufusa is a cursed blade, it holds the memories and pain of all of the people that it's cut down... Honestly I hate it. So I cannot claim that blade as my own. Understand, I'm not just rambling, quite a few of the members of Night Raid had their own measure of problems, hundreds of times worse than I. Yet they fought, they fought long and hard, up until the bitter end, all for their Ideals and beliefs, that's what Night Raid is.
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- Just for that you owe me 20 push-ups. My sister would be disappointed that you look at everyone's death like that! Everyone died for a reason there's just something reasons that will be different or confusing but my sister Leone died for the same reason all Night Rais had in mind to save all people no matter the sacrifice! So I will punish you for holding on to the past! You may remember but never mourn over it. As for Esdeath she will also be remembered because everyone is gone but never forgotten understand? Now drop down and give me 50! * She points to the ground waiting for him to start *
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He laughed at her reaction* Wow, you're very spirited. Seeing as how you just said that you and Leone were sisters I can see why. *He pet her head instead* Sorry, you misunderstand me, Of course I didn't mean that their deaths would go unremembered, I only said it would know unnoticed by the masses that their deaths were dedicated to. I only cling to the Past because the source of my strength is the regret I hold for letting down my friends. For not doing my part, I already accept the fact that there's nothing I could have done either way but that doesn't mean that I don't have the right to blame myself. Kagamine is a way of looking at myself in two different worlds, one of Darkness and one of Light. I've already accepted the Light, I only need to accept the darkness in my heart. This is to fulfill a promise I made to a friend, long ago. But I'm not in any way saying that they'll be forgotten. I'll always remember what those people have given just so that the rest of us can fight another day. I admire and look up to them more than you know.
over a year ago horofox said…
Rebecca- Now I see why. But i also have a promise to fulfill. So might as well get moving to Night Raid. But do you know a girl named Mine?
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: I've heard of her, yes. Why? Is she someone important to you as well? All I can recall about her is that she was pretty short, she liked the color pink, and used Roman Artillery: Pumpkin. Also that apparently Tatsumi and her liked each other. But that's about it, I've only ever spoken with her at Strategy Meetings, and even then they keep it dark so it's hard to make out faces and details properly. But in the end yes, I know her.
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- Lione told me shes dangerous, and scary too......for certain reasons.
over a year ago neomyoc21 said…
Ren-she walked to a tree and jumped in it* the way she punched me
Was very soft
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Haha. I can understand why. They said that in terms of sheer strength Mine-san outclassed all of them by miles. But she was weak in certain aspects and very normal most of the time. The same could be said for all of them. Thay were just normal people with jobs, working to be paid and make a difference in their own right.
over a year ago horofox said…
Rebecca- * Shakes head disagreeing with his comments * No its because she was a brick wall. Leone said stay away from those. Always
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He looked at her somewhat surprised but smiled and shook his head and one of his fingers* No, Tatsumi was my only real friend in Night Raid, at least the only one I was every actually close to, and knowing that that idiot had fallen for her she couldn't be bad in her heart, not in the least. She may have put up an Anti-People kind of wall when she was out in public or around others in general but she couldn't have been much more than a sweet, loving, normal girl. I'm absolutely positive of this as a fact. So humor me and just agree, it's okay to lie, I'd rather not tarnish Tatsumi's memory though, although an idiot he may have been. *He smiled at her sadly before continuing to walk*
over a year ago pandafangirl said…
(I'm back xD huehe im not dead)

Makoto walked around the capital, he was looking for
a ramen place and bumped into someone. And
that person is-

His sister, Mikan.

Mikan: "Watch where your goi- What do you want?!"

Makoto: "Nice to see you too, sister. What are u doing
here anyway?"

Mikan: None of your business, you twat. You are
our enemy so i suggest you run off before I kill you.
"Geez, the nerve of this guy.'" She muttered quietly

What they didnt know is that someone was watching
the scene.
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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
(OMG Panda!! Hisashiburi desunee? Man it was getting difficult with just Erza and me Glad to have you back!)

Yusuke: *While walking with Rebecca they came across the Mikan and Makoto bickering, he got interested and decided to intervene* Hello, just what might be the matter here? I can sense some seriously bad vibes here, you two aren't planning on fighting in the middle of the city, now are you? *He had a strangely authoritative tone to his voice but it wasn't commanding*
over a year ago Horofox6 said…
Rebecca- If you are I totally wanna join!
over a year ago pandafangirl said…
(XD long time no see)

Mikan recognized this guy from the inn. She narrowed her eyes at them
and looked back at her brother.

" There's no way i'm backing out of a fight, especially
if its against HIM." She said while taking out her imperial arms,

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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He had a somewhat cold smile on his face, he held out his hand pushing Extase down with ease* That's a no no, you'll get civilians caught up in your little lovers quarrel. Besides, a blood bath here would be a pain to clean up. *He gripped Extase, his fingers crossing the blade but not cutting them even though it was obvious how hard he was holding the large blade, his other hand on his waist but within reach of his blade to draw it more than easily enough as retaliation for an attack, he smiled again* Are we understood here?
over a year ago neomyoc21 said…
Ren-*watching from afar*
over a year ago pandafangirl said…
Mikan had her bangs coverig her eyes, she wasn't that happy.
A soft "tsk" was heard from her and she discarded her imperial

Makoto: Well.. looks like I have ta get back.. We'll meet again, sis.

And Makoto left the scene.

over a year ago horofox said…
Rebecca- You are such a party popper...
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Don't worry about it, Lil' Miss. This was for the best, a fight here between two Imperial Arms Wielders could have proved disastrous for the people living here. Let's go. I promised you Lionelle and I intend on keeping to my word. We go to the palace. *He draped his cloak over his shoulders and it covered his entire body, exposing only his head*
over a year ago pandafangirl said…
"Did he just call me little?" An irk mark appeared

" I noticed that teigu of yours from that inn.
The blade of shears: Kagamine." She said to Yusuke.

"And you. Lionelle. I know that name. You're both from-" She cut her sentence short after seeing a high ranking soldier from the capital.
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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: You would be incorrect. However yes, this is Kagamine. *He ignored the soldiers, blatantly giving them the cold shoulder but nonetheless moving out of their way as hey passed by* I am not with Night Raid, nor CR's. I'm not technically affiliated with anyone, however I do owe my life to Night Raid.
1 month ago pandafangirl said…
.. im back hahaha
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