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anifanfreak posted on Feb 05, 2015 at 10:05PM
The world of Brave Frontier has come! Adventure the world of Elgaia, tell your tale O great Summoner. Follow the Akras' Summoners Hall and battle your way through the, literally Gods Forsaken Lands. From Cordellica all the way to Ryvern let the Quests begin!!

Use a basic character structure--

Affiliation: (Akras/Randall/Mercenary)
Units: (Refer to BF wiki or your current team if you own the game)
Other: (Optional)

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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Name: Sydrad
Age: 17
Affiliation: Mercenary Summoner
Units: Ember Charm Fiora, Cyclopean Ultor, Azure Warrior Lucina, Divine Guardian Tia, Dark Seraph Ardin
Other Teams: (Mono-Dark) Grahdens, Master Blade Zergel, Dark Seraph Ardin, Unholy Magress, Inferno Goddess Elza--- (Mono-Water) Azure Warrior Lucina, Holy Ice Selena, Massacre God Belfura, God Axe Mariudeth,
Bio: N/A
Other: N/A

BF FC -- 5137728976
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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Sydrad: *He sighed and strolled through The Breeze Beach in Morgan and let the sand run through his toes, Selena and Belfura were sitting down talking. Some like Ultor napped in the shade of the Trees and The others conversed within the gate waiting to come out or battle* Lucina?

Lucina: Yes? *She appeared beside him walking Blade in hand*

Sydrad: Why did you Decide to Join me? There are Plenty of other Summoners out there you COULD be working for. Grahdens for example. Or Karl. Maybe even Luigna.

Lucina: You ought to know that there are Many more Variations of me. Since the Battle with the gods split us all up. Hmm?

Sydrad: Yeah you're right. Sorry.

Lucina: No problem. *She smiled and went off to join Selena*
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
over a year ago Broly461 said…
Summoner Units:Mad Heretic Gazia, Thunder Champion Rahgan, Pheonix Torque Ruby, Sacred Lotus Piany,
Emerald Radiance Libera
Bio:He was brought into serve for Randall at a young age, showing promise almost instantly.
As the years went by he became cold and harsh to his opponents but will protect any friends by his side with his life.
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
(Well my team got updated Drastically since the last time I posted on this so here there are...)

Herculean Ultor, Divine Goddess Tia, Sanguine Hood Ciara, Nemethgear (7*), Elza (7*), and Chrome (7*)

Sydrad: Oi! Guys?

Ultor: What is it Summoner?

Sydrad: Where did Michele go? I didn't see her leave and I can't summon her here.

Ciara: Who knows? Lotus Axe does whatever she wants.

Nemethgear: *Nods, not saying anything*

Tia: I cannot feel her through the Earth either so she must be far away...

Chrome: Perhaps she is taking some time off for herself...?

Sydrad: You could be right. Anyway. Lets get out of this dungeon here and Get to town so I can harvest the crops there. We also need many more Potions and Crescent Dew's.

All: Right!!

*They kept fighting*
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
(Does no one play this game...?)
over a year ago Arctickwulfz said…

Name: IT
Age: 16
Affiliation: Mercenary Summoner.
Units: Merciful Beacon Charla (7*), Void Pasha Ensa-Taya (Omni-8*), Infernal Ravager Korzan (7*), Angelic Blades Sefia (7*), Glorious Hero Krantz (Omni-8*), Spare Units in case some are defeated: Heavenless Bushi Mifune, Undying Flame Avant (Omni-*8), and Inferno Rifle Bestie (7*)
Bio: As a young man It left his life and erased all trace of the original in hopes of a better life, Upon searching for a better life he stumbled upon a gate of colors and was granted upon his first unit which paved way for another. "
Other: Has Crazy luck though can be for worse for him at times.

Upon in the distance a gate opened from the sky and from it a rather small figure was dropped down falling at a rather fast pace towards the ground below. As the figure fell it passed out of sight due to a nearby sand dune interrupting the view, a few seconds soon and a rather anti-climactic thud echoed to as a rather pathetic scream and what could be called pleas reached ears before falling silent.
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
(Team Change -- Graceful Princess Elza (Omni/8), Flare Paladin Darvanshel (7), Herculean Ultor (7), Effluent Dusk Grahdens (7), Leviathan Sage Elimo (7), Ignis Halcyon Vargas (Omni/8))

Sydrad: Hrm... We've got a few thousand more Zel and Karma but what good will that do with the Omni-Units around?

Elza: You use Vargas and Me, are we not good enough?

Sydrad: Well. You two are extremely strong, now don't get me wrong, but others have extremely strong Units with them as well, I simply want to get you guys stronger, That and whenever I fuse material into you you get even cooler, each and every time.

Vargas: Well, we've been travelling together for a while but I've never once thought of myself as "Cool"

Sydrad: Well you are so deal with it! *He saw a figure drop from the sky and the wail of desperation from it as it plummeted* What the hell...? *He ran over to where the figure had landed*
over a year ago Arctickwulfz said…
In the area of the landing there was dust kicked up with 5 units looking down a hole in the shape of a man sprawled in a belly flop.
Unit 1: "Well it's not a hard way to go I hear...death by fall...damage?" This unit tilted their head questioning its wording

Unit 2: "The Summoner was at least honorable. His tales will be sung by the Morokai as a hero!" The unit put it's axe at rest before the hole.

Unit 5: "I call dibs on his body! you know for research....." A feminine Unit shaked her body with her hands on cheeks thinking of all the things capable.

Unit 3+4: "YOU WILL NOT!" Two feminine units both stood in front of the hole and unit 5.

From down the hole: "You're all a bloody pain in my ass."

Unit 1:"Hey, guess he lives for another day."
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over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Sydrad: Hey, uh you alive in there? Hey, Elza, you mind using your Scythe and pulling the guy up?

Elza: If not for this what am I here for...? *She sighed disdained by the request but still she complied, lowering the handle down into the hole, pulling out the strange Summoner* Another Summoner, hopefully this one doesn't command yet another part of me...

Sydrad: Oh hush, you have fun with us so don't be all dramatic Elza.

Elza: Tch... *She floated away*

Ciara: Hee Hee. Anyway, who might this mysterious Summoner Be?

Sydrad: Not sure, never seen him before, must be a mercinary or something of the sort.

Darvanshel: Luckily the traveller wasn't hurt too badly, as it would seem.

Sydrad: Riiiight... *He was skeptical about the travellers condition since he did drop from what seemed about a hundred Meters*

Vargas: Hey, well when we met you kinda did the same thing, remember? But it was only a Weak little me and a few slimes when you came down, it's been months since that's happened.

Sydrad: Yes, that was after I spoke with Lucius. Tilith is still nowhere to be found.

Grahdens: Well, as it seems we have a few new, powerful figures before us, whilst I was a Summoner I believe I'd heard of a few of them before, but being the old man I am I seem to have forgotten their names.

Sydrad: I don't have my Index handy. Michele has it.

Ciara: That's what you get for making bets with her.

Sydrad: She cheated...

Ultor: You got your ass whupped... *He spoke in the background as if he wouldn't be heard*

Sydrad: What was that Ultor? Want me to get Zedeus?

Ultor: Oh, no need, Summoner. I got the message, I apologize, although it's true...

Sydrad: Grr... Whatever... *He turned to the new face* So, what's your name stranger?
over a year ago Arctickwulfz said…
The summoner was dusting himself off before the question, he then stood tall with pride in his stance.
"The name is It. it is rather absurd isn't it?"
Some of the units behind him looked down with disappointment and embarrassment where as the summoner turned back to them.

Unit 1: "Even I am ashamed...." He put his sword on his shoulder and walked on off

Unit 4: "Where in my past life did I sin enough for this?" She stared up into the sky

Unit 3: "Awwww it's cute."
It: "At least someone agrees with me.. Anyways let me introduce my team, or as I call my family. First we have Krantz The fella that walked off with his blade. Then we have the ravager himself Korzan from the Morokai tribes" It pointed to the rather built and bulky Morokai fitted with horns and his pieces of armor with his axe in hand
Korzan:"Welcome Friends,"

It: "He is a rather honorable individual from my experience but he can be hot tempered" It turned to another unit this one of white hair and winged along holding onto blade and shield. "This is Sefia, former exorcist, now follower"
Sefia: "With Grace..."

It:" The blonde over there is named Charla" She bowed herself with her staff and blade in hand.
Charla: "Good Day"

It: "And Finally we have Ensa-Taya, a rather impure individual"
Ensa: "What was that you want to be punished again?"
It:"rather not in front of guests...." he muttered under his breath.
over a year ago anifanfreak said…
Sydrad: *He chuckled* Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all. Allow me to introduce my own "family" as you might say. First of all we have my closest and oldest friend here, Vargas. He's known as a War hero, cool huh?

Vargas: How goes it friends? *He smiled shifting his sword Dandelga on his shoulder*

Sydrad: And this here is Darvanshel, he's aged but by no means a weak man.

Darvanshel: It's nice to see youngsters with such energy! Pleased to make your acquaintances.

Sydrad: This one here is Grahdens, but you can call him Elder Grah. He prefers that name anyway.

Grahdens: How do you do? *He smiled warmly*

Sydrad: This one's called Ciara, she's kind of hot-tempered but she's a nice girl once you get to know her.

Ciara: Hey now. That was kinda mean, you just covered it up with a compliment so I wouldn't notice, jerk.

Sydrad: Eheheh... Sorry. *He pet her head*

Ciara: Fine, I forgive you. *She sighed*

Sydrad: This is Elza, she's kind of the lone-wolf kind of girl but she's a real sweetheart. Just give her some time and she'll warm up to you.

Elza: *She just sighed* Wow, so you know how to be nice. Surprising.

Sydrad: And this is Elimo, She's really kind, shy if anything, so be nice to her, okay?

Elimo: Dummy.

Sydrad: I'm Sydrad by the way, nice to meet you.