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Help!! I need a new Anime to watch!!  happyfreak 6 1677 over a year ago
im looking for a really good manga romance book  badcats10 3 3953 over a year ago
Hottest anime person  LunaShay 6 2087 over a year ago
funny animes linkups or couples  ssolanki 1 1154 over a year ago
wow  badcats10 2 1248 over a year ago
Best Dressed in Anime!  Lawli-gagger 1 2750 over a year ago
Anime Shop  charlieducky 0 941 over a year ago
funniest anime couple ????  hdd 7 16767 over a year ago
The most unique anime character....  Lawli-gagger 4 5165 over a year ago
Support Gaiapolis, it looks like an anime  MisterH 1 1176 over a year ago
Pokemon  Pokemonlvr27 11 3349 over a year ago
anime teen mansion  makaylalily 2 6497 over a year ago
Can we please, PLEASE change the icon and banner  sugarcane15 2 1273 over a year ago
CONTEST: Finish this....  Animeanimal 0 907 over a year ago
Hollywood is taking over anime!  Amy-chan 10 4792 over a year ago
Looking for a new series  jefalaska 1 1127 over a year ago
will someone join my 2 new clubs  kittymeow247 1 1257 over a year ago
Caramelldansen!  Flo_and_Trent 36 3602 over a year ago
How about a game? ^.^  Lawli-gagger 0 2531 over a year ago
Boo's Adventures of Anime!  Pitrocks14 0 1454 over a year ago
Own Created Anime Characters  Kogami 10 3225 over a year ago
Anime banner contest! Winner gets props and fan!! deadline:October 1st {has been moved due to month ending} so dont waste any time!!!  theanimemaster 17 5748 over a year ago
Top five anime films lists  harold 7 1722 over a year ago
Logo Banner  Fitch 3 6282 over a year ago
Symbol Banner  Fitch 4 8285 over a year ago
Anime Films at Ottawa International Animation Festival (Oct. 20-24, 2010)  media 0 1525 over a year ago
HELP ME!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  onepiecefan59 3 1341 over a year ago
Online Jigsaw puzzle games of anime  kfclady 0 6396 over a year ago
Same anime girls  onepiecefan59 0 1498 over a year ago
Guess the anime  soups 3 1968 over a year ago
fan service  ginei_werewolf 1 1267 over a year ago
i need fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hanachanchi 7 1337 over a year ago
ROLEPLAY!!!!!!  Black_cat_ 261 14310 over a year ago
What animes should i watch?  11relaxing 7 2470 over a year ago
Anime movies  tuttleAC 1 1822 over a year ago
FLCL!!  Atomsk 8 1782 over a year ago
naruto canceled  rusty746454 9 3271 over a year ago
MAKE ANIME CONTEST!!!!  fun123fun 0 1248 over a year ago
fanpop anime fan chat room  wizardkim 3 3292 over a year ago
ANIME NOTES  animefan12345 0 1360 over a year ago
rp?  NaokoMisume 2 1044 over a year ago
What are you currently listening to?  Gwiazdeczka 0 1340 over a year ago
A Very Scary Revelation... (for all the Otaku world)  Gaiden 3 1360 over a year ago
BORED! Wanna RP?  demon_wolf 979 42008 over a year ago
new animes to watch  darlektoast 7 1150 over a year ago
I want to make a new spot.  sapphirez 0 1007 over a year ago
Air Gear Season 2 [Petition]  RumbleKing 0 1729 over a year ago
PLEASE JOIN MY CLUB & UPLOAD STUFF  hunter51 1 1559 over a year ago
Favorite re-make clips  MegaNerd 18 1043 over a year ago  jasryan 0 1777 over a year ago
What are your favorite Anime's?  shortynme 1 1146 over a year ago
COSPLAY!  hallo-kitty-kat 2 1487 over a year ago
Fullmetal Alchemist  Fullmetalflame 1 1094 over a year ago
Anime-Beats (Music)  Blusky 0 569 over a year ago
vanilla salt lyrics  chrome_03 0 1775 over a year ago
plz help  animegoddessfly 6 1095 over a year ago
Small but Terrible  Tomoyo-chan 2 3711 over a year ago
Anime Random Spot, please join...  cwecwe_chu1419 2 2526 over a year ago
what anime are you watching?  soups 22 2186 over a year ago
I need some new Animes to watch. Can you help me out?  shortynme 8 2223 over a year ago
One piece, naruto and bleach spoilers  rusty746454 0 2702 over a year ago
Anime Art Game: Picture search!  martemora15 1 2205 over a year ago
Hey, people, wanna be famouse?It all for real, i mean it, its not chain mail!  kokoro_love 0 1223 over a year ago
Girl Anime fans! I have a question!  shortynme 28 3530 over a year ago
hey anime people, if you love anime cats click here  hinamoridream10 2 13393 over a year ago
Can u help me?  Shwele 2 1451 over a year ago
Can you help me?  pdsa 6 1793 over a year ago
Anime drawing  ultimatefan6 0 1806 over a year ago
L  mewmewsalioramu 2 1672 over a year ago
Garden of sinners.  Arabika345 3 2339 over a year ago
New Anime Fanfiction site!!!  taiyoukai-nile 0 1687 over a year ago
favorite anime fanpop users  rusty746454 0 1761 over a year ago
Shonen Jump  lloyd2 1 1501 over a year ago
can you help me?? :) pretty plz.  lady__doom 27 2945 over a year ago
Attention all bishie fans!  Amy-chan 0 5748 over a year ago
Can you help me please?  alya_y9 1 1211 over a year ago
can you help me?? :) pretty plz.  lady__doom 4 1790 over a year ago
what do you think of the anime Gintama?  turkila 4 1861 over a year ago
New Anime.  iluvstrongbad 8 1427 over a year ago
Join the Over There spot!  shortynme 0 1304 over a year ago
anime fan needs your support !  turkila 1 1270 over a year ago
Help?! D:  0o0o_megan_o0o0 1 1924 over a year ago
New initial d fan spot  GONZOLAND 0 855 over a year ago
New Spot  hellgirl223 2 1409 over a year ago
new manga!  yaoilover 2 1247 over a year ago
For those anime fanatics!!!!  deathnote 2 1023 over a year ago
Anime books  AAA1 4 1620 over a year ago
Aya Natsume vs. Sanada Genichiro:which will win in this kendo battle?  kuromiko 1 2069 over a year ago
are you bored?  fire25 0 1631 over a year ago
Requests  harold 1 1378 over a year ago
Revolutionary Girl Utena spot  Michie 0 1692 over a year ago