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"DANGER" ZOMBIE GROUND RP  AmyRose11 2863 87113 over a year ago
Watch With me!!  Megumi_Ai 2 878 over a year ago
Kyoya Tategami Beyblade Metal Fusion CLUB  Ryou-Bakura 0 1252 over a year ago
Anime game~~~~~  Cutepet87 17 1573 over a year ago
Black Hair Characters  hahi7717 41 5243 over a year ago
Green Hair Characters  hahi7717 62 13328 over a year ago
The F*ck/Marry/Kill Game  Neko-Tohka 37 11401 over a year ago
Anime battles  fullmetal5 0 378 over a year ago
saddest death  ganondorf26 19 8037 over a year ago
Need Anime Recomendations.  Joylessdaniel 1 723 over a year ago
"Who?" game  Ei-chan31 4 855 over a year ago
Anime Icon Contest! Round 55: Eye-Patch  Angeelous 670 117095 over a year ago
Guess What! XD  tyger002 1 1725 over a year ago
Attack on Titan RP  shizuka1243 66 3927 over a year ago
The avatar of the user above confessed to you. What will be your reaction? [Game]  Neko-Tohka 1 731 over a year ago
~~~Anime Dream Game~~~  Sununu 1 1079 over a year ago
Word Mania!!  Shiina111 8 3726 over a year ago
Interview  PurpleStar17 16 1453 over a year ago
Post an anime suicide pick! 0 day  Otaku-Meh 1 3181 over a year ago
HELLO!!! READ THIS PLEASE  Otaku-Meh 3 471 over a year ago
Funny Anime Picture Dump!  Cutepet87 30 11462 over a year ago
Character Popularity Game!  Cutepet87 26 3706 over a year ago
Post an anime you previously watched.  KissKissHannah 12 2750 over a year ago
ANIME RP!!!!!  sieluvzsoul 139 11053 over a year ago
Anime Name-Game  Kogami 72 27187 over a year ago
Give Me a Character Game!  panisepic 70 7541 over a year ago
[Game] Anime Girl with Similar Hair.  ChadKumada 64 32047 over a year ago
Your favorite animes of the winter 2014 season...  squab 1 1194 over a year ago
Name the character you are most like from ____.  IllusionDolls 34 5408 over a year ago
Is this character cool or do they suck?  KissKissHannah 7 724 over a year ago
Name the strongest character of your favorite anime shows  ashantebacon 5 724 over a year ago
Anime character Name Game!!!  megaotaku64 38 9003 over a year ago
Creepy cute/Alternative type of Anime Girls??  Moonchild_Renee 1 3497 over a year ago
The "What Characters Do I Remind You Of?" Game  IllusionDolls 12 1715 over a year ago
lets do a black bulter rp  misshedgehog 0 3670 over a year ago
Need a anime?  shizuka1243 3 587 over a year ago
Tell about funny/nonsensical anime-related dreams you have had.  IllusionDolls 0 1110 over a year ago
Post characters with brown eyes  hahi7717 50 6649 over a year ago
Characters with Green Eyes  hahi7717 113 17795 over a year ago
Characters With Golden/Yellow Eyes  hahi7717 26 2977 over a year ago
Characters with Blue Eyes  hahi7717 124 15081 over a year ago
Blue Hair Characters  hahi7717 49 7961 over a year ago
Purple Hair Characters  hahi7717 33 5219 over a year ago
Pink Hair Characters  hahi7717 25 2367 over a year ago
Maroon Hair Characters  hahi7717 5 3837 over a year ago
why no appropritae anime  109620 1 1060 over a year ago
Obscure Anime  AnimeAvarice 0 622 over a year ago
Sliver/Gray Hair Characters  hahi7717 10 2259 over a year ago
White Hair Characters  hahi7717 7 1431 over a year ago
Blue-Green Hair Characters  hahi7717 2 2112 over a year ago
I LOVE MY GINGERS!!!!!!! (Red heads<orange heads :P)  barbiecat 28 10401 over a year ago
Characters With Pink Eyes  hahi7717 23 14583 over a year ago
Do you think there really is a new Sailor Moon series coming out??  Dlilly 1 380 over a year ago
Anime Contest!!!  Soul_Dragneel 42 26436 over a year ago
Lookalikes!  SweetMoonlight 18 11806 over a year ago
Rate The Character Game  pumpkinqueen 13 2566 over a year ago
Anime Love Issue  Dan_B 2 900 over a year ago
CLOSED  Killer02 151 10108 over a year ago
Anime Rate Game  wakana 77 19493 over a year ago
YOU ARE MEETING THE ICON ABOVE YOU!  Peacolu 1 732 over a year ago
2 animes characters from the last 2 animes you watched meet. How did it turn out?  snowwolf2000 3 1273 over a year ago
~ LAST LETTER GAME ~  PPGZMomoko 58 8555 over a year ago
Anime Direction Game~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Cutepet87 2 2855 over a year ago
Last Syllable Game (Japanese names)  ChadKumada 7 4644 over a year ago
The Sub/Dub Game!  animegurl23 21 4011 over a year ago
Anime Partners game  dragonzord1993 1 2530 over a year ago
The Haunted Mansion  hikari_hiwatari 414 19112 over a year ago
Please Help! My supply of anime/manga has depleted! Any Reccomendations???  Translotusx 0 608 over a year ago
can you help me?? :) pretty plz.  lady__doom 1 1740 over a year ago
deadman wonderland rp  cyrus498 5028 188556 over a year ago
Random anime rp?  Harpaw8 2831 77436 over a year ago
Shuffle RP  anifanfreak 2229 104266 over a year ago
Shuffle Beach Day RP!!!(Temporary RP)  anifanfreak 293 13690 over a year ago
Anime Days ~RP~  anifanfreak 846 33681 over a year ago
Durarara!! RP  Izaya-Orihara 0 143 over a year ago
Pink Haired Anime characters  marceleevampkq 17 6198 over a year ago
amazing anime artist  hellofriend9001 0 532 over a year ago
"Who is the greatest famous anime character?" Final Results!  IllusionDolls 3 549 over a year ago
Anime Quick Quiz!  anifanfreak 2 742 over a year ago
Red headed anime characters wanted here :3  mariepam198 64 11994 over a year ago
Post action figures that catch your eye here.  ChadKumada 58 16171 over a year ago
Ideas for my first anime creation!  LionRoar 2 487 over a year ago
20 in 20 icon challenge! *Round 5 - Open*  kakukun 2 497 over a year ago
Deepest/Meaningful Anime  SweetMoonlight 5 4370 over a year ago
20 in 20 icon challenge! *Round 4 - Open*  pumpkinqueen 338 19133 over a year ago
what is your favorite anime character that uses guns  ashantebacon 2 1406 over a year ago
Anime Critics  EveAnimeLover 1 1008 over a year ago
What is your favorite characters in anime?  hahi7717 6 2582 over a year ago
Funny Screen-shot and Comment on others  SweetMoonlight 1 1901 over a year ago
Brown Haired Anime Character  kinomotho 149 87743 over a year ago
post your favorite anime pictures  soran 27 9793 over a year ago
The Lyrics to the Beyblade: Metal Fury theme song  purrloinedlove 0 938 over a year ago
Character with Sanpaku eyes  Zugoldragon 2 10622 over a year ago
Characters with powerful legs  Zugoldragon 1 2890 over a year ago
Someone draws anime her?  Diablodark 1 676 over a year ago
Pink haired anime/manga characters!!!!  chole785chole78 42 45794 over a year ago
Anime Characters with Blonde or Orange hair with big boobies  KirstyJohnson 7 4171 over a year ago
Blue-Haired Anime Girls  mewmew9power 14 3714 over a year ago
Golden-Eyed Characters  mewmew9power 10 9836 over a year ago
Anime characters  gusgonzalez2010 1 570 over a year ago