Code Geass is one of the best shows of all time. One of the show's best qualities is the awesome group of well written, interesting, exciting, and fun characters. In honor of that this article is about my ranking about all of the main and secondary characters as well as a few minor characters who were important to the plot. The following characters are ranked from worst to best.

37. Princess Euphemia
Being sweet is usually a great thing, but she acted so naïve and overly sweet that she barely felt like a real person. I didn't like her sibling relationship with Lelouch and I'm not a big fan of her romance with Suzaku.

36. Nina Einstein
She didn't add much in early episodes and after she met Euphemia she became freaky and remained unappealing throughout the show.

35. Rolo
His personality and his actions were hard to tolerate at times. I used to think he was the show's worst character, but his sacrifice for Lelouch helped.

34. Princes Kaguya
I didn't like her crush on Zero and she didn't add much to the plot of the show.

33. Tianzi
She was more tolerable than Kaguya, but she wasn't interesting.

32. Xingke
He seemed cool early on, but I didn't like his storyline with Tianzi. He was too prominent in the second season.

31. Sayoko
She was okay, but I kept forgetting that she was in the show. She didn't make a big impact.

30. Kanon
Like Sayoko he wasn't bad, but he was forgettable.

29. Arthur
He was pretty funny at times, but not very memorable.

28. Rivalz Cardemonde
He may not of ever been important to the plot, but he was a decent comedy relief.

27. Milly Ashord
The Student Council scenes were often not important to the show, but at least Milly was energetic and eccentric.

26. Kallen Stadtfeld
Kallen being a supporting character would make sense, but I don't get why she was one of the leading characters. She doesn't have the same plot importance and emotional storylines that the other main characters have and she had the worst fanservice of all. Despite that she was a likeable and cool character.

25. Tamaki
He may be the most useless character on the show, but that was done on purpose. His immaturity is pretty funny.

24. Villetta Nu
I liked her storyline and her personality. Her relationship was Ohgi was sweet and well done.

23. Anya Alstreim
She was pretty cool and I liked her serious facial expressions.

22. Cecile Croomy
She was a nice and sweet co-worker to Suzaku, but she needs to listen to the Swedish Chef's cooking lessons.

21. Nunnally Lamperouge
She's one of the nicest characters on the show and made the plot possible. However she's more of a plot device than a character.

20. Guilford
I liked his personality and his crush on Princess Cornelia. It's hard to get a more loyal helper than him.

19. General Tohdoh
He was serious and cool. Steve Blum's excellent voice acting gives him more personality.

18. Rakshata Chawla
She had the potential to be one of the best characters by far due to her eccentric and fun personality traits. She didn't do that much in the show, but she was a stand out character.

17. Empress Marianne
She managed to be important to the plot despite hardly ever being in the show. Plus I enjoyed how crazy she was.

16. Prince Clovis
He managed to make his small role in the show memorable and entertaining due to how silly and fun he was.

15. V. V.
He's a extreme cruel character, but his storyline was well done and his childish personality led to some funny moments.

14. General Bartley
He's one of the most underrated characters in the show. He was desperate in funny ways. He added some good comedy relief to the show.

13. Gino Weinberg
He's pretty much a comedy relief. Thankfully he's one of the most entertaining and funny characters.

12. Kaname Ohgi
He sadly gets a lot of hate from Code Geass fans. I really liked his storylines and his friendly personality.

11. Suzaku Kururugi
Despite a lot of questionable stuff in season two Suzaku was a greatly written character. The rivalry between him and Lelouch was so well done. However it's much easier to root for Lelouch.

10. Jeremiah Gottwald
He started off as a fun antagonist, but instead of keeping him a pretty good character the people that made the show turned him into a great character later on when he returned as a part robot who loved loyalty. Plus his nickname is good.

9. Mao
He was only in a few episodes, but he would be a even better character if she showed up more often. He was a huge scene stealer who was delightfully insane.

8. Prince Schneizel
He was a fantastically written villain. He managed to be sympathetic and charming despite being evil. He had heroic goals, but tried to do evil things. Pretty much everything about him was greatly done.

7. Princess Cornelia
Cornelia is one of the coolest characters in the show. She was a menacing yet sympathetic antagonist and later on she became one of the show's best heroes.

6. Shirley Fenette
Her lack of importance to the plot is sad, because she's one of the nicest and cutest characters in the show. Her personality and her crush on Lulu were adorable. She used to be my favorite character, but her lack of plot relevance hurts her a little.

5. Diethard Ried
He didn't do that much in the show, but he was a scene stealer in every episode he was in. I loved his storyline of caring more about how interesting Zero is instead of wanting to help others. He was a very fun character and a good antagonist.

4. Emperor Charles
I love his storyline. At first he seemed to be a simplistic villain who was evil for the heck of it, but he turned out to have an amazing origin story. He manages to be both a intimidating threat and the most delightfully corny character in the show.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge (Zero)
He's one of the best anime protagonists ever. He's a hero who does bad things, but he always has a understanable reason for everything he does. He's cool, exciting, and has a incredibly fun persionality. His voice and costume are awesome.

2. Lloyd Asplund
He's one of the funniest characters in the show. His goofy personality, dialogue, and voice make him a major stand out in the show. He could of been my favorite character if he had a more active role in the plot.

1. C. C.
She's my favorite female character in the show, because of how cool she is. She may lack sweetness, but she's a incredibly cool woman with a fun personality. She is serious and stubborn in awesome ways. She has a sympathetic backstory and her interactions with Lelouch are great. It's hard to find a female anime character that's cooler than her.