K-On! is a anime slice of life show that stars 5 female teenagers who are in a band. The show has become quite popular with fans of anime.

The Plot

Ritsu decides to start a music band. She is joined by Mio, Tsumugi, and Yui. The 4 of them become close friends. Along the way a 5th girl named Azusa joins them. They start getting their music band ready as well as bonding with each other and playing around.

Similar to other slice of life anime shows K-On! lacks a real conflict. The show is mostly about the 5 main characters having small conflicts and having cute and amusing times together. Although the show may not be super exciting it's a pleasant show. The show is lighthearted and enjoyably cute. There's enough charming and adorable subplots to make the show's plot work.

The Characters

Yui is a friendly and amusingly goofy and loopy girl who plays guitar. Ritsu is the least likeable of the main characters, but she's okay. Mio is my favorite of the main characters. She has a good personality and she's a sympathetic, charming, and cute character. Tsumugi is a stylish and eccentric girl. Azusa is a good addition to the group who's well written and likeable. Ui is Yui's nice and helpful sister.

The Animation

The show's animation is good. The characters are well designed and charming looking. The show has lots of bright colors and looks very pleasant. It's a very good looking show.

The Songs

The show's first season has the best songs. It has a really good theme song and ending song. They are catchy and very well done.


K-On! may not be a masterpiece, but it's a pleasant show that has likeable characters, pretty animation, and good songs.