Okay i wanna get this out of the way right now.
Many people think when they watch a gaming Anime like Sword Art Online it should be compared to other gaming Anime like Log Horizen and No Game No Life. But here i am gonna tell you about Dot Hack the Gaming Anime that started it in the Anime community. Click on the Link that will take you to the .Hack// Wikipedia website. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.hack That proves and shows that Hack// Roots and Hack Trilogy with Haseo and the rest of the Hack series is Episodes,Ova and Spin off series. Just cause the characters change in some seasons does not make them spin off series only. That's like with Digimon each season except for Digimon Adventure 01 and 02 the characters changed. And that did not make the rest of Digimon a spin off and ova series. That is also the same for .Hack// Just cause in some seasons the characters changed does not make the rest of it a spin off and Ova series. Get your facts straight to some people who think i am wrong on this.

What many people don't know is .Hack started it with the gaming Anime and some ideas for other gaming Anime were based off of .Hack// and i am not just talking about the original seasons. I am also talking about the more popular seasons of .Hack// with Haseo the Terror of Death. And although Sword Art Online is a really great Anime with it's fight scenes and battles and had a good friendship part in it. What people tend to miss out is when .Hack// is compared to Sword Art Online. People tend to use season 1 of .Hack// i gotta say look at the guy in the orange jump suit and hat your seriously comparing season 1 of .Hack to Sword Art Online????? I mean like really???? And people tend to than call .Hack a not so good Anime compared to Sword Art Online. But what people tend to think is oh well i don't need to watch all of .Hack to know that it is not as good as Sword Art Online based on the first season of .Hack. Wrong! Look at Haseo the Terror of Death in Hack Roots// that was not a spin off series or even an ova series of it's own. Hack Roots and Hack Trilogy were Anime seasons just like Hack Roots is.

Now what is annoying about some Sword Art Online fans is they see like in the picture .Hack// Season 1 the guy in the orange jumpsuit and compare that to Sword Art Online and they tend to think that Hack is a not as good Anime. If people take the time and effort to watch.Hack//Roots and more than just that they will than begin to find out that .Hack is not such a bad Anime when comparing it to Sword Art Online. And remember people some of the other gaming Anime the ideas and story's were originally based off the ideas and characters in .Hack//. If it weren't for that the gaming Anime would be vsry diffrent today.

So if anybody is gonna say .Hack// looks like a chibi Anime compared to Sword Art Online. Than try watching .Hack with Haseo the Terror of Death.
Unlike Sword Art Online Hack has some amazing transformations in it that any Anime fan would like. If they like gaming type Anime. Haseo is the guy with the grey hair and the really cool look to him when he fights.

So when some people are gonna say they don't need to watch but only Season 1 of .Hack// to know that it is no good compared Sword Art Online. Than guess again. Hack//Roots and Hack Trilogy and the rest of Hack is not all about the chibi looking style. People miss out on what .Hack has to offer people when they like SAO and think only Season 1 of .Hack is tje standard to all the Hack series. Than there wrong on that. The Hack series with Haseo the Terror of Death is the rest of the .Hack// series. Like Hack//Roots and Hack Trilogy. And more. So when i say this get your facts straight before thinking .Hack is no good compared to Sword Art Online.
Sword Art Online.
.Hack// Trilogy Haseo transformed.
.Hack// Season 1 VS Sword Art Online.
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Sword Art Online Krito.
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