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I forgot this Anime title! :(

I haven't watched this in YEARS so forgive me if some of the info I provide is super inaccurate, lol. I know the basic jist of this anime was that there was this girl and she appeared near this lake, and I think she was nude. There were some people peeking at her and I think she met this little boy and they went on some 'journey' with each other in the desert... atleast I think. I remember a flying rug in there too. Haha, hopefully I'm not confused so far!

Please tell me what you think the anime may be, because It's been stuck in my head for a while now ):
 roxassmiles posted over a year ago
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chanelshemina said:
well i can help you if you now any of the characters iver the looks or what there like there are two webe sites you can use to find the character and the name of the anime will come with

ferst it the anime datebase you look for the characters apirants :


the other is if you now about the character :


good luck
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posted over a year ago 
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