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posted by breebree446
I finally got around to finishing my top 15 favorite couples article!

15. Nightcrawler and Kitty: X-Men Evolution
It's cute. Okay?

14. Megara & Hercules: Hercules
This couple possibly has a lot to do with my Greek Mythology obsession. The sweet kind of nerdy guy with a bad girl? Win! Plus, I just luv, luv Meg!

13. Crystal & Shaggy: Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders
Adorable! I've loved this couple ever since I saw Alien Invaders when I was really little. I always felt sad that Crystal and her dog had to leave at the end. Shaggy and Scooby are looking up at the sky and are just like.....:'((((((

12. Shaggy & Madelyn: Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo
Another Shaggy couple I love. I liked Madelyn, I liked her enthusiasm and her piggy tails were so cute. I also liked the movie. I mean, anthing with a giant Gryphon is beyond awesome! But I felt like Shaggy acted like a complete d-bag to her until the end.

11. Kiara & Kovu: The Lion King 2
Kind of like the Disney version of Romeo and Juliet, don't you think? Kovu is the stuff<3

10. Jasmine & Aladdin: Aladdin
Love Jasmine. Love Aladdin. Love the Genie. Love Abu. Love the movie. 'Nuff said.

9. Oliver & Marie: Oliver and Company/The Aristocats
Probably my only favorite crossover couple. Think about it. They're both cats, both live in a beautiful house with a family. And both know what it's like to have nothing. Oliver grew up a stray and Marie and her family were kidnapped and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Do I smell fanfic?

8. Angel & Scamp: Lady & The Tramp 2; Scamp's Adventure
Yes, they're cute together. Combined with the Lion King 2, it's possibly one of the best Disney sequels. I love Angel's spunk. Once again, it's a combination of the nerdy guy and the troublesome girl.

7. Dodger & Rita: Oliver and Company
Come on! How could you not see it? It wasn't really canon in the movies, but I think a few people wanted it to happen. In my opinion, they would just look good together.

6. Jake & Rose: American Dragon, Jake Long
After all the bull they went through for eack other, you could tell they really loved each other. Rose refused to slay Jake when she found out his secret, her wish to destroy the hunts clan (including her), and Jake's fear of losing her; but eventually deciding to play dumb and let her go and live with her family in Japan when they met again. They even met again in the finale episode with Rose getting her memory back. Now, we knew for sure they would be together!
Suck on that, Danika!

5. Danny & Sam: Danny Phantom
Social outcast friends that fall in love with each other. You could tell they would get together in the end. The other characters in the show even hinted at it. I mean, gosh!

4. Kid Flash & Artemis: Young Justice
One of the newest Cartoon Network shows. Being a Teen Titans fan got me started on the teenage superhero shows in the first place, it also got me started on Kid Flash. Unlike Teen Titans, KF is in this series a whole lot more. his love interest is Artemis, a very serious, strong willed girl with a kick'in ponytail. I'm still interested in seeing where the relationship will go...

3. Lance & Ilana: Sym-Bionic Titan
Note to all future producers: If the main couple in a series don't start off really having romantic feelings for each other, then that's okay. Lance and Ilana kind of have friends with benefits relationship starting out. Like good friends that could become something more. They probably would have if the series wasn't going to be over after episode twenty. Crap! -_-U

2. Beast Boy & Raven: Teen Titans
This has a lot to do with the opposites attract factor. Quiet, mysterious, and reserved Raven with hyper, goofy, lovable Beast Boy. I love it!

1. Kid Flash & Jinx: Teen Titans
This is kind of the same as Kid Flash and Artemis, only I like Jinx a little more. Jinx use to be a villain. She and the Hive Five annoyed the primary Titans through several episodes. But then, she kidnapped KF. After a quick (hilarious fight) and having Jinx be double-crossed by her idol, Madame Rouge, he eventually convinced Jinx that she was so much better than being a simple villain. Which is why I love this couple so much! XD

Why: Because they're classics and deserve to be included, at least to me!

Thanks for reading! Now, off to finish watching America's Most Wanted^^
I decided to remake my list because of how much it's changed. But this time I decided to make it just the top 15 because I don't wanna have to write as much. Sometime later I'm going to make an article of the worst animated couples. Anyway please keep in mind that this is just an opinion. Please leave a comment about what you think, enjoy.

15.Sokka and Toph(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
So much more than just good friends
So much more than just good friends

I love this couple to death! I know it's not official but in my opinion it should've been. I mean think about it, if you've watched the show and payed close attention than...
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