As you know I made an article of my favorite animated couples so I decided to make one of the worst animated couples. I didn't include any couples with villians and heroes/heroines because that's just disgusting and ridiculous. Please leave a comment on what you think and keep in mind this is just my opinion.

Nostalgia Critic: Here's KataraLover's Top 11 WORST Animated Couples of ALL TIME! Why top 11? Because we like to go just one-ste... *I hit him in the head with a very LARGE hammer*

11.Lady and Tramp(Lady and The Tramp)
The rich girl who lets the player hobo walk all over her and get her pregnant

This is no surprise since everyone knows how much I loath pretty much everything about Lady and The Tramp. First of all the way they meet was ridiculous, vain, and stupid. Tramp sees Lady and thinks she beautiful and just comes in making her feel bad. He tells her that her life will be ruined when the baby comes and her family will forget her. What is that his way of getting her to leave her home so that he can "have some fun with her"? Sure he saves her life and helps her get the muzzel off but that doesn't make it love. He just keeps telling her how bad families are and not even telling how he knows. Sure they have what people consider the most beautiful disney romanic moment EVER but I consider is the most OVERRATED romantic moment EVER. Sure it's that ironic spagetti scene but come on what comedy hasn't made fun of that scene? Even it's own sequel made fun of it. Also "It's a beautiful night" I don't see a beautiful night, I see peoples dirty laundry. What's the italian world for that? That's what the name of the song should be instead of Bella Notte. Plus accordion, really? Why not just use bagpipes? Anyway they hardly know each other, he saves her once, before he was a jerk to her, they have one date and they have sex. Think about it; they fade out during the end of the song, they're asleep together, they have that look about them when they wake up, and they have kids at the end of the movie, you put the pieces together. I guess it's debatable but what I think is that this is the first and only disney couple to have sex after knowing each other for a day and before they were married. I hate how this is based off lies. He didn't even plan to be serious with Lady he just wanted some fun and than dump her like a banana peal. He never thought about her feelings and even got her sent to the pound where she finds the truth. He scares her and he actually thought by bringing some stupid little bone she'd forgive him. He didn't even look upset, worried, or sorry at all. I sometimes even wonder if she only went back to him just because he was the father of her children. The only reason they're not higher is simply because without this couple my favorite animated hero EVER, Scamp, would've never had existed.

10.Pocahontas and John Rolfe(Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World)
An unnecessary historically accurate waste of time

If it wasn't for this couple I'd actually like the movie more. I think this couple was just completely unnecessary. So what if it was historically accurate? If they wanted to be historically accurate than why didn't they just name John Smith John Rolfe instead. That would've just saved everyone a lot of time. Besides it's a childrens movie! Since when has being accurate been disney's thing? By that logic Ariel would've died, Drizella would've cut her foot to fit the slipper, Aurora would've been rapped, you get the point! There was really no point in creating this couple. Besides at first they couldn't even stand each other and it stayed like that for a long time, than it just stops out of no where. What the heck? I honestly don't mind Rolfe as a character but he just shouldn't be with Pocahontas. Plus it's just unrealistic in my opinion. I mean Pocahontas has gone through so much with Smith, she finds out he's alive and just dumps him for Rolfe? What the heck? Did they really expect the public to respond positively to that? That's not how it goes down! This couple was just pathetic and a complete waste of time! I don't get how someone would like this couple but if they can tell me why they'd actually like this more than Pocahontas and John Smith I'd be more than happy to hear it. Man Pocahontas really had a thing for John's? It's not higher because the others are more ridiculous with little to no development.

9.Esmeralda and Pheobus(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
A completely random couple who's only purpose is to make the ugly guy sad

I loath this couple so much! First of all the main reason is because of how they broke Quasimodo's heart. He was right there and I know Esmeralda knew of his true feelings for him. He kissed him on the cheek to get him to let her have her way. They have the worst animated kiss ever! Also the longest. Don't those two breath? This couple was completely random and unnecessary. The only reason for it's existence was just to make sure Quasimodo was sad. Sure the ugly guy is sad and doesn't get the girl. Where was the developement? She couldn't stand him and than suddenly she decides to save his life and they kiss out of no where. Saving his life is understandable but was the kissing part really necessary? The only reason he actually defended her was just because she's hot and sexy. Her looks are the only reason he seems to care about her, even though I don't find her pretty AT ALL. So it's vain, rushed, undeveloped, unnecessary, random, and it's only reason to exist is because the ugly guy has to have his heart broken. Don't worry Quasi, Esmeralda isn't good enough for you anyway, besides she's not even pretty. You're gonna get a completely gorgeous girl who's a million times prettier and more amazing than her. The reason this isn't higher is because I actually like their son, Zephyr. He can be annyoing at times but he's just an average little boy and I like that.

8.Prince and The Maiden With The Black Hair(The Little Mermaid, Anime)
A completely random and unnecessary couple and only reason for existence is because the pathetic author of the story didn't want the hard working heroine to have her well deserved happy ending

As many of you know I dispise the original version of The Little Mermaid, the prince, and this couple. He actually just wants to marry her because she's pretty and because she supposedly saved his life. How could she had saved his life? Did she look wet? How could she had saved him when she was dry and he recalls a girl being in the ocean saving him? If he thinks she saved him just say a simple thank you, give her an award and get on with your life buddy. He actually had such a connection with Marina and actually was falling for her. Why was he still thinking of maiden what's her face. Even after all he's been through with Marina he still decides to go with princess whatever her name is. He just says he's found the maiden with the black hair and that they're getting married, even after saying he would marry Marina like it was nothing. This couple is unnecessary. It's only reason to exist is just to make sure the heroine didn't get a happy ending. What is wrong with Andersen? What kind of SICK story and ending is that? I just wanna raise him from the dead and go off on him. Anyway Marina's the one who made him smile, laugh, who understood him, and had a connection without even using words. This couple is a bunch of garbage that never should've even existed in the first place, or at least shouldn't have ended up together. At least now the Prince knows who the real girl who saved him is because now he can suffer in a loveless marriage. It's not higher because the others slightly make me more SICK to my stomach.

7.Sokka and Suki(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
A couple based off vainity

This couple is the most random and undeveloped of all the Avatar couples. First of all they couldn't stand each other at first and were at each others throats. Than all of a sudden they end up liking each other. Than at the end she kisses him from no where. I believe that this couple would've been better off if it was just one of those minor couples that lasted only one episode, nothing more. I think he only likes her because she's beautiful which I will admit she's one of the prettiest girls on the show. I have no idea what her angle with him is; he's not good looking, smart, funny ect. Than suddenly they meet again and it turns into some serious thing? He knew her for like a day and a half! I believe this was just lust, if she was plain than he wouldn't be the least bit interested in her. She's just a completely unnecessary character who's only reason for existence is to be Sokka's love interest. Princess Yue was a much better match for him, he truly loved her and she loved him. He even still loves her even after she's dead. Sokka I think loves Yue more than Suki. However he's the best match for Toph who he would've ended up with if Suki never showed up. Azula why couldn't you kill her? I can't stand this couple AT ALL! It's not higher because there's actually some couples more undeveloped, pathetic, and random than this one.

6.Elizabeth and Don Juan(The Legend of The Titanic)
The most random and creepy couple EVER that just comes out of NO WHERE

This couple shouldn't take that long to rag on. First of all they just look at each other, Don gets her glove and they end up being in love. WHAT THE HECK! The villian considers it a threat just because they look at each other from a FAR away distance for a few seconds. Don is even creepier than Edward from Twilight, who apperently watched her when she was sleeping. He constantly sniffs her gloves like every five minutes. What the heck is wrong with this guy? Than later they officially meet each other and suddenly they dance, kiss, and decide they wanna get married. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? How the heck did that happen? It's ridiculous! It's not higher because there's really nothing else to say about it, especially not the same as I can say about my top five.

5.Arnold and Lila(Hey Arnold)
Pathetic and annoying, Arnold your just embaressing yourself and wasting your time

I couldn't stand this couple even as a kid. I always just kept shouting that he belongs with Helga. He actually didn't even like her in that way at first. She only liked him that way because she thought he did. After that he thinks he likes her that way but she doesn't like him in that way anymore. That's just messed up and the start of a completely pathetic one-sided romance. He keeps on trying to desprately trying to get her to like him but she just wants to be friends. He only likes her I think because of her looks. He should just take a hint that it's never going to happen between the two of them. He needs to more on because he acts like one of those annoying stalker guys who can't take a hint. Why he likes her other than her looks I don't know because she's annoying as it gets. Besides she's actually a jerk to him sometimes but tries to be polite about it. He needs to GET OVER HER AND GO TO HELGA! I had to endure this during my entire childhood. It's not higher because the others actually get under my skin worse.

4.Peter Pan and Wendy(Peter Pan)
A pathetic one-sided couple that's just sad and annoying to watch

As everyone knows I loath this couple! First of all I have to say I actually liked Wendy at the beginning of the movie until she meets Peter Pan, so those of you who hate how I rag on Wendy you can blame Peter Pan for it. He didn't even like her when he first met her, he found her annoying because she wouldn't shut up. He only showed concern and wanted to take her to Neverland because he just doesn't like for any child to grow up. She just let him walk all over her like a doormat. She could've spoke up for herself when he was acting rude to her. He didn't even care that the mermaids almost killed her and he actually laughed about it. Yes it's so funny to watch your love interest almost get killed! He actually even defended the mermaids even after they clearly said they were trying to kill her. He only sees her as a mother and nothing more. He ignores everything she says and doesn't take her feelings about anything into consideration. It's either his way or no way and she doesn't get a say in anything. When she actually tries to speak up for herself against him he only hears half of what she says and it's not the serious half. He obviously doesn't care about her and treats her horrible. Why is she so in love with him when he treats her like that? Don't worry Wendy you'll stop being annoying when you get away from Peter Pan, plus you'll marry a nice man named Edward and have two kids. Than your daughter will wip Peter into shape. It's not higher because the others are completely ridiculous.

3.Peter Pan and Tinkerbell(Peter Pan)
It's not the girls who are getting in the way Tink, it's your age, size, and most of all your species

These two are even more imperfect for each other than Peter and Wendy. They're better off as friends and they're not even that good as friends. He ignores her and nags her about things she does wrong. She keeps on trying to pathetically get his attention and get him to notice her. I hate how it's because of Peter she left Pixie Hollow. Her entire life was in Pixie Hollow; her friends, where her talents are appriciated, from what I've seen of the Secret of The Wings trailer her sister, and the one true love she's suppose to be with, Terence. How could she just leave all of that for some bratty kid? Why does she even wanna be with him? He's bratty, stupid, ugly, rude, a bad friend, and a jerk. It irritates me how she gets so upset whenever he's around other girl. Tink, it's not the girls keeping you and Peter together, it's your age, size, and most of all species. He's only 12 and she's gotta be at least 18. He treats her horrible and ingores her. You can tell how hurt she is when he ignored her while he was spying on Jane. Why does she even stay with this jerk anyway? She should just go back to Terence the one who treats her right and truly love her. I have faith that she will come to her senses and come back. Thanks to Peter she lost who she truly is and became a murdering, vain, brat. It's not higher because the others make me wanna stab myself repeatable.

2.Ash and May/Dawn/Iris(Pokemon)

It's hard to decided which one of these three couples gets under my skin more so I just made it a three-way-tie. I don't know why people think that these are couples but I put them here anyway. WIth may it was just one episode where these people kept calling them love birds but that was is. With Dawn some girl asked if Ash was her boyfriend but that's the only moment there is. With Iris I don't know because I only watched a few episodes of it. So what if they have huge arguements and fights like he did with Misty? They didn't have every single character on the show hint that they knew they obviously had feelings for each other. They just get into arguements but it doesn't mean that they're into anything serious, just friends who disagree. It irritates me how Iris keeps calling Ash a kid. Is she one to talk when she's his age and she looks like a 6 year old with hideous hair. Besides it would have to be at least a few years of age difference. Ash has got to be like 14 or 15. While May is like 12 or 13, Dawn is like 11, and Iris is supposedly 10, I think she's like 6-8. I also think these girls are just unnecessary. I waited for Ash and Misty to get together for EIGHT YEARS! Than they just replace her with these HUSSIES? OH I DON'T THINK SO! He's never showed any real concern like they're his main priority, even more than Pikachu, like he was with Misty. These are completely horrible couples that I loath and dispise with a passhion! However these's just one more couple that I actually loath more.

1.Tiana and Naveen(The Princess and The Frog)
The disney couple who's living in a time period where they can and WILL end in divorce

I can't stand this couple AT ALL! Anything with Naveen in it is HORRIBLE! What happened to you Tiana? You were smart when you first saw him, you knew he was trouble and just scoffed at him. These two are perfectly imperfect! Sure opposites attract but they're too opposite. Also I hate how their relationship started out with lies. He lied to Tiana saying that he would reward her if she kissed him when he knew he was poor. He actually had the gale to call her a liar when thoughout the entire movie all he did was LIE, even worse than Aladdin. All they did for 85% of the movie was argue and get at each others throats. They couldn't stand each other, even after they saved each other they still got on each others nerves a little. Than all of a sudden just because they save each other they fall in love. What the heck? It would make more sense if they became friends after that and than work their way up to love. They were just so rushed and were trying too hard to make them a good love-hate relationship. There are good love-hate relationships even with one character I don't care for such as Anastasia & Dimitri and Jane & Peter. Actually Tiana and Naveen in my opinion ripped off both of those two couples. However unlike Tiana and Naveen they're actually good. They had more time, more developed, and they weren't rushed or trying too hard. The only reason they should stay together is because the kingdom they'd one day become the king and queen of would be a disaster if Naveen was in charge without her. Too bad there's not a way for them to get divorced and let her be the one who gets the kingdom instead of him. Oh well, Tiana will eventually come to her senses and divorce him. They're just too different!
She's smart, he's Naveen
She's goodhearted, he's Naveen
She's hardworking, he's Naveen
She's loyal, he's Naveen
She's a good person, he's Naveen
She's not a slut or a whore, he's Naveen

Basically the only thing they have in common is that they're both really attractive but that can only get them gorgeous children, that's it.