I decided to remake my list because of how much it's changed. But this time I decided to make it just the top 15 because I don't wanna have to write as much. Sometime later I'm going to make an article of the worst animated couples. Anyway please keep in mind that this is just an opinion. Please leave a comment about what you think, enjoy.

15.Sokka and Toph(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
So much more than just good friends

I love this couple to death! I know it's not official but in my opinion it should've been. I mean think about it, if you've watched the show and payed close attention than you'd see that they're couple material. First I love that they're really close friends, they're the people they're closest too. Sometimes your best friend is the one you're meant for. I love how she picks at him and he gets irritated. I also love how she's all sassy at him and tells him how horrible his jokes are. I love how Sokka was about to go and save her from drowning, until stupid Suki did it instead. She actually intended to give him a kiss and was embaressed when she found out it was Sokka. I love how Sokka got space earth for Toph. I mean why did he just give it to her? He could've gave it to Aang in case of an emergency since he can bend earth too. He gave it to her because I believe he has a little bit of feelings for her and cares for her. He gave her something with deep thought that he knew she'd love. She obviously like him. When she said she didn't miss him she turned around so that he wouldn't see her blush. I loved the talk they had, they understand each others back story. They're never confertable with talking about that kind of stuff but seemed to have no problem talking to each other about them. I also love that unlike the couple Sokka and Suki that it's not biased off vanity or looks. Sokka to me fell for Suki because she's beautiful and who knows what reason she has for falling for him; he's not good looking, funny, smart, or anything. However with Sokka and Toph, Toph is no beauty queen(though I still think she's pretty) so Sokka obviously isn't into her just for her looks. Toph obviously didn't fall for his looks because she's literally blind. They understand each other better than anyone, they're so much more than just best friends. They have such a strong connection. They've gone through so much with such developement and chemisty that they should've ended up together. I wish they were together! They're not higher because I feel more of a spark with the others.

14.Korra and Mako(The Legend of Korra)
Opposites attract

I love this couple to death! I knew from the very episode that Mako showed up in that he and Korra were going to be together. First of all I love that whole opposite thing they have that she's a waterbender and he's a firebender. They're not only opposite with that but they're also opposite in personality terms. You know what they say, opposites attract. I could tell that he was thinking about Korra when he was sitting my the window. I love how Mako is conflicted, even though he's with Asami he's still thinking of Korra. He even still considers Korra for a possible girlfriend. I loved when they kissed, a little too soon but it was still awesome. I love how when she goes missing that he stops at nothing to find her and is determind to find her. It shows that he truly loves her. This couple is so realistic and amazing. I love that ti's a love- hate relationship, they're so interesting and funny. I love how spazzy Korra gets when someone talks about her feelings for Mako. I can't wait to see more about this couple! It's not higher because it's too new and haven't seen enough yet.

13.Tinkerbell and Terence(The Tinkerbell Movies)
The gift of a friend

I think this couple is very underrated. Tinkerbell I don't know why you left Pixie Hollow for Peter Pan when you have this guy. First of all I love when they first talk and he helps her see how truly important her talent is. At the beginning of the movie she thought her talent was really great and important than later she thinks it's nothing special and that she's just a nobody. He helps her see that it doesn't matter what other people say, no matter how small your job may seem compared to everyone elses it's just as big and important. He helps her realize that she can do anything she puts her mind to and causes her to save spring. I love them the most in the second movie. It's obvious that Terence loves Tinkerbell. He constantly is making excuses just so he can go see her and help her with her newest inventions. I love how he keeps on trying to help her no matter what. Even when they have their fight you can still tell they're head over heels for each other. As she goes on her journey you can tell she feels guilty and other than finding a way to restore the moon stone the only thing on her mind is Terence. He's all she can think about and while she's gone all he can think about is her. When he finds out she's gone he breaks the rules and travels half way past Neverland to find her and help her. That's true dedication. These two are meant for each other and I hope Tinkerbell one day leaves Peter Pan and goes back to Pixie Hollow to be with the one she truly loves. The reason they're not higher is because I can't get over that Tinkerbell just left Pixie Hollow to be with Peter Pan. Another reason for me to HATE Peter Pan!

12.Shrek and Fiona(Shrek)
Bitter sweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong

I find this couple so hilarious. Like when Fiona is trying to remake a sleeping beauty moment and Shrek shakes her to wake her up. She keeps on trying to make the moment be like she's always dreamed and he does the exact opposite. I love how they grow as their journey goes on. I love when Fiona over hears Shrek say how people judge him before they even know him and that's why he believes he's better off alone, something she can relate to a lot because of her curse. They both learn so much more about each other than they thought they did. They had a horrible opinion of each other but as they got to know each other saw each other a completely different way. Even though she knows that she'd stay an oger if she went with Shrek she still considered being with him and all she could think about during the wedding was Shrek. He couldn't stop thinking about her and was intimidated because of how beautiful she was. However he went and crashed the wedding so he can prove his love. I love that even though she lost her beauty that his feelings still didn't change for her., he still saw the same girl he fell for. I also have to say that in the sequel that I love hoe Fiona chose to go back to being an oger. She didn't care about looks, she just wanted to have her happily ever after with the ogre she married. She wouldn't change a thing about him. I think they're a much better example of true beauty lies within than Belle and Beast. While they're a good couple to me it seems better that instead of an ugly person becoming beautiful that a beautiful person willingly giving up their beauty to be with the one they love is better. It's not higher because I smile more with the others.

11.Jane and Peter Pan(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland)
Wouldn't change a thing

I know some people aren't a big fan of this couple and don't even acknowledge it as a couple when it obviously is. I love that "aaahhh" moment Peter has when he first sees Jane. I love when they're flying around Neverland and he shows her all the wonders of Neverland. I love how she doesn't fall for him instantly like every other girl in the franchise. She at first just seems him as an annoying, stupid, rude, spoiled, immature brat, she's not wrong. I love how he's annoyed by her kill-joy practical attitude however he still can't get her out of his mind. He spies on her when she's trying to leave; he's just so interested in her because she's not like anyone he's ever met. She's different from other girls he knows; he finds her funny, smart, brave, beautiful, incredible, fun(after he helped her), kind, and everything he's been looking for. He grows as a character and becomes more mature because he's finding something that always makes someone grow into a man, love. Even though she found him annoying she saw a different side of him that she never thought he had. She finds him kind, fun, daring, brave, handsome, and without knowing it everything she ever wanted. I love how happy he got just because she hugged him, just imagine how he'd be if she kissed him. They couldn't be more opposite yet they couldn't change a thing about each other and truly love each other. He inspires her to not be afraid to be a child and she inspires him to be a better person and mature. I actually believe that he will leave Neverland so that he can be with Jane, the one he loves. They way they look at each other is such so amazing. They're not higher because the others are more interesting.

10.Cinderella and Charles(Cinderella Monogatari)
Just an ordinary day, started out the same old way

Surprisingly I find this couple to be better than the disney Cinderella couple and everyone knows how much I love that couple. However these two have so much chemisty that it's amazing. The two of them first meet not at the ball but in town. They start out with conflict because Charles keeps on lying to her and she keeps getting mad and wants nothing to do with him. He saves her life and than she starts to see him differently. They began to be friends and they worked their way up to love, it's so realistic and something you can actually see anywhere. She doesn't know that he's really the prince and she's the first one ever to treat him like a real person. Whenever she's sad because of how horrible her step-family treats her he's the one who's always there. She's helped him for once have not only her but many other people as friends. They've had so many amazing adventures together and learned so much about each other. When Cinderella was sick he took over her chores for her, horrible at it though, and stood my her side just to make sure she was okay. When they meet again at the ball they have such a connection, it's even better knowing that they knew each other but were oblivious to it. He doesn't stop until he finds her and give her the slipper. They're so amazing together and I wish there were movie versions of Cinderella with a couple like this. They're not higher because I haven't seen the show in a while but I still absolutely adore them.

9.Aang and Katara(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Love that will last for eternity

I've loved this couple since the very first episode. I loved when she first holds him in her arms and he takes up seeing her. I know some people think he only fell for her because she's beautiful but that's not the only reason. I think he had just a crush on her at first because she was beautiful, which isn't a crime. However as the show goes on he developes real love feelings for her and loves her for so much more than just her beauty. He loves her kindess, courage, determination, intelligence, and willing to do whatever it takes to help people and save the world. I love how she just sees him as a friend at first but later on starts to see him differently, it's so realistic and developed. I have to say for two characters that took until the last episode to get together they've kissed a lot in the show. I love how awkward Aang is around Aang when she hugs him or touches him, it's so cute. I love how Katara, even in the first episode, has this feeling that there's a strong connection between the two of them. I love the kiss at the end of the series, I've been wanting them to get together since the first episode. Sometimes I was afraid Aang would get with Toph and Katara would get with Zuko, but I still believed Kataang would always win. I will admit Taang and Zutara would've been interesting and I do understand the appeal, in fact Toph would be mysecond option for Aang and Zuko would be my second option for Katara. However I'm glad they got together, they had a life together. They got married, had three kids, and have grandkids. It makes me sad that the Aang I love is gone in The Legend of Korra. To imagine that after all the years they had together he's gone. However good news for Zutarians, Aang is dead, Katara is alive, Zuko is alive, and Mai is possibly dead; you put the pieces together. I don't believe it would happen though, I don't think Katara would ever look at another man after Aang, it would never be the same way she loved him. It's not higher because I guess the others are more interesting to me.

8.Aladdin and Jasmine(Aladdin)
A whole new world, a whole new life for them

I love how this couple met was actually realistic and could happen. A guy sees a pretty girl, gets that gaga look and can't take his eyes off her, she gets into some trouble and he comes to help her. I know a lot of people hate this couple but I absolutely love it, even though it's moved down on my list. I believe they truly love each other. The connection they had with each other was amazing. Even though they come from two different worlds they understand each other and have two very similar situations. Jasmine actually gave up her last chance of freedom just to save Aladdin. He goes through so much just to be with her. He goes though the cave of wonders, is almost killed, almost eaten by her pet, almost froze to death, and almost eaten by a giant snake. I don't think he would risk all of these things just for any pretty face, even if she is a princess. He went through all of this because he loves her. I love this one episode in the series where she turns into a snake creature and he's determind to change her back. When her only hope of becoming human again is gone she decides to give up her own happiness just for Aladdin. She couldn't even touch him or he could die. He took the stuff that turned her into a snake creature so they could be together. He gave up the life he could've had as the soon to be prince and future sultan just for her. He wouldn't leave her for any reason, he loves her and wants to be with her no matter what the cost. Anyone who says he only felt lust for her needs to watch that episode. I also love how they had them wait to get married, it makes them so realistic. They're not higher I guess because of the lies.

7.Kiara and Kovu(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
Love will find a way

These two are more roamantic than Pocahontas and John Smith & Romeo and Juliet put together. These two first meet as kids and at first have a little tussle and than become friends. They save each other from the crocs and I guess became friends. They were from two completely different worlds but they couldn't be more perfect for each other. I know at first it was based off lies and manipulation but I think it makes it more interesting. Kovu didn't expect to fall in love, one of those accidental things that are just amazing. He helps teach her things she'd always wanted to do but couldn't because of how over-protective he is. He helps her achieve goals she's always wanted to do. She helps him learn how to have fun and show him things he's always been missing out on and deep down always wanted to do. She inspires him to want to be a better person and gives him hope that there's a chance that he can change who he always been told he's suppose to be all his life. Even after all the hate and lies they managed to show everyone that their love always finds a way. Their love was so strong Kiara used the strength it gave her to finally stand up for what she believes in and have Simba finally listen. These two are perfect for each other! They're not higher just because the others just have a more special place in my heart.

6.Scamp and Angel(Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure)
Didn't know that they could feel this way

I love this couple so much, too bad Lady and Tramp are more popular when they don't hold a candle to them. These two have such a strong connection. I love that they come from two completely different worlds; the boy from the right side of town and the girl from the wrong side of town. I love that they don't instantly fall for once another, they actually start out as friends. I love that she's his very first friend. He's been trapped his whole life and has never had one single friend until he met her. I love how she actually kind of struggles with accepting that she's actually falling in love. She's always believed that everyone in this world is pathetic, dishonest, and always hurts you in the end. She's had five families that have rejected her and she was forced to hang out with the wrong group so everyone she's ever met has proved her theory right. She believed the entire world is like that, even herself a little bit, she thinks the only one you can trust is yourself, until she met Scamp. He shows her a whole new perspective that's open. Use to she didn't want to belong to anyone but now she wants to belong to Scamp and know she's loved. They want completely different things but yet in the way it's the same. He wants to be free and she wants a family; both a ways they think they'll find out who they are and find where they belong in this world. I believe they found it through each other. She tries to help him make the right choice and be with his family, she knows what it's like and what it does to you, she doesn't want the one she loves to go through with it. She knows that if he does go back that she'll probably never see him again, but she does it anyway because she truly loves him. When he finally gets what he wants it's all nothing to him because she's not in his life. These two have just so much developement and a strong connection. SHREW LADY AND TRAMP! These two are the most developed animal couple EVER! They maybe only pups but they have a love so strong it can be compared to adult love. They're not higher because I just love the others more. I can't believe I couldn't put these two in the top five.

5.Ash and Misty(Pokemon)
They will always remember each other in their hearts

As many of you who know me very well I'm a HUGE Pokemon fan and I love this shipping to death. I think no one on the show is more perfect for each other. It's really awesome to me that when they first met they couldn't stand each other. Misty only started traveling with him because he owed her a new bike, since he got her old one electricuted to dust. She would mention it in almost every episode in season one. However as time went on she didn't forget about her bike but had a different reason for wanting to travel with Ash. The started off hating each other, than became friends somewhere in the middle of season one, than as time went on they began to secretly love each other. Through out the entire series it's been painfully obvious that they're in love. They've always gotten jealous whenever someone flirts with the other, are dedicated to each other, and whenever danger happens to them and their friends they always have the most concern for the other. Ash even had more concern for Misty than he did Pikachu, if that's not proof he's in love with her than yal are just crazy. I love how in the second Pokemon movie that they have a much bigger part together. Misty refuses to let Melody go and help Ash, she feels like she must be the one to do it. She also says he's never alone because he has her. I just love when they get jealous, it's so cute and funny, especially with Misty. The way Ash feels about Misty is unlike anything he's felt for any of the girls. He's never been jealous of guys who moved in on May, Dawn, or Iris. He's only been jealous and possessive of Misty. I love the run-on gag on how everyone is aware that they love each other except they don't know it. It's so obvious that they do. Also when Misty leaves is makes me so sad because I was waiting my whole life for them to get together and they just ignore the whole developement the two had and replace her with May who Ash doesn't love AT ALL! He loves Misty, he admits that he misses and thinks about her everyday. Misty's Goodbye song makes me so sad and wish that she wouldn't leave. You can tell from the episode where they say goodbye that they are obviously in love with each other. If you don't believe me that they're in love I will show you proof. They're not higher because the others are just more interesting to me.

4.Azula and Jet(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Love can touch just one time and last for a life time

This is the only couple where they've never even really met, yeah it's a fan couple. However they have more of a spark than any of the Avatar couples. I'm going to tell you about the fanfic of them I wrote because it made me love them even more. At first Azula was just after him to kill him. He was a rebel causing trouble and she disguised herself as a peasant to trick him. However unfortunately she starts to grow fond of him and even love him. She've been though so much in her life where her family and friends have hurt you. They even shared their sobs stories with each other and understand each other. They come from two completely different worlds; she's the princess of the Fire Nation and he's a rebel preasant from the Earth Kingdom. They were completely different people who couldn't stand each other. She was afraid of feeling something because she always got hurt whenever she felt something for another living creature. She decided to end her suffering my killing him in his sleep. She almost did, she was going to stab him in the heart with a knife. She kept trying to with all her strength but she just couldn't bring herself to. When he finds out she's the princess of the Fire Nation he's angry because he hate the Fire Nation for killing his family. However he realize it's not her fault and tries to talk to her. She again attempts to kill him but he looks deep into her soul and understands her that she just couldn't do it. Her father forces her to get close to him and find his weakness so he can kill him. She does to get rid of him but ends up falling for him again. She believes she's nothing but evil but he lets her know she's so much more than that. She tells him she's not the person he thinks she is but that she wants to be more than anything, he tells her she can be anything she wants to be. When he's captured she offers to give up her memory of him so she'd be an evil killing weapon again, to save him. He doesn't care that she doesn't remember him, she goes after her and tries to get her to remember him. He even takes a shot from a lightning bolt for her. He keeps telling her she's stronger than this and can break the power and remember, which she does. It's so tragic when he dies, someone she loves that loves her back she lost. However he is saved. They belong together. They'd have a love-hate-relationship that would be hilarious. He hates Fire Nation and it would be ironic that he falls for their princess. It would be the story of a complex beautiful young princess who discovered the one person she can't stand is the one man she can't resist. He would treat her how she deserves to be treated. He'd show her that the world is so much more than just war, hate, manipulation, domination, and evil. They're perfect for each other. They're not higher simply because they've never officially met, even though they're the best of all the Avatar couples.

3.Quasimodo and Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
Just an ordinary miracle that happens everyday

The most underrated couple of ALL TIME! Even if you hate the movie how can anyone not love this couple? They had such a strong connection and understand each other so much. They've both lost their real family, were taken in my horrible selfish men, they've been looked down upon by them and told what they are. They have a similar life and it's good to find someone who understands what you've been through. I love that Madellaine is considered this great beauty but she's very insecure and don't feel pretty, confident, or anything like that. However he helps her see the truth about herself that she's beautiful, smart, amazing, sweet, and magical. Thanks to him she starts growing more of a backbone and becoming more confident in herself. She hates that she had to manipulate him and doesn't believe she's the person he thinks she is but wants to be more than anything. He inspires her to be a better person. She was blind but now he's helped her see, she was lost but now she's found. Now she believes that her dreams can come true. He's always wanted to know what it's like to have a girl in his life that loves him. Some people say he's better off single but they miss the point, he wasn't happy being single. He's always wanted love. Why can't he, just because he's ugly? He didn't care if she was pretty, he just wanted to know if it was possible maybe someone could love him. She sees beyond his hideous looks and sees who he is on the inside, which she believes to be the most beautiful man in the world. She's never met anyone like him befor, he showed her that the world is full of amazing miracles that happen everyday. This couple is the best example of beauty lying within. Unlike Belle and Beast & Shrek and Fiona neither has to change their appearence to be with the other. Quasimodo is still hideous and Madellaine is still gorgeous. It proves that an ugly man can find love and it can still be a beautiful girl, same with an ugly woman finding a handsome man. These two are so inspirational. I love the ending of the movie where they proclaim their love for each other, it's so beautiful. Not higher just because I like the others more.

2.Ariel and Eric(The Little Mermaid)
Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can stay all day in the sun, just each other and they will be part of that world

Yes a big shock that these two aren't my number one, but I still absolutely adore them. I think Ariel didn't just fall for Eric just because of his looks. Sure she never met him before going to Ursula but she was able to see what he was like. From watching him play with Maz she saw that he was playful and an animal lover; from seeing him play the flute she was he's a music lover; from seeing his reaction from the statue of himself she saw he wasn't vain or arrogant; she saw he didn't care about money, power, or looks but just wanted to find a girl he loved; she saw from the way he saved Max that he was brave and selfless. I think that was enough for her if you ask me. I love how Ariel saved his life. She knew she had nothing to gain and she'd probably never be with him but she saved him, she was just so selfless. I get goose bumbs every time I see her rescue him. I love when she sings to him and he gets a slight glimpse of this beautiful girl with the most amazing voice. I love how she goes through so much and gives up everythign she had and would never get back if she satyed human for him. It proves how real life works, the things people have to sacrafice and give up for the one they love. I love how when he first meets her he has this instant connection, even though he doesn't know that she's the girl who rescued him. I love how he helps her by letting her live in the palace and treating her like a princess. You can tell he's falling for her. At dinner he couldn't take his eyes off her. I love that she makes him laugh since he hadn't laughed or smiled in a long while according to Carlotta. You can tell during the tour of the kingdom he was definitiely falling for her. The way she was acting like a child would annoy some people but he found her charming and fun. He's use to being around princesses that just bored him but one day with her and it's the most fun he's ever had. I love that he takes the time to guess her name, knowing it would likely take hours. I love when Eric finally decides to forget this mystery girl, I really love this new girl I've gotten to know and had the best time with. The two of them are amazing and truly love each other. They're not higher because I SLIGHTLY love one couple more because they have more depth to them.

1.Odette and Derek(The Swan Princess)
Far longer than forever, much stronger than forever and with their love they'll never be alone

I love how these two actually knew each other since they were little kids. It's refreashing instead of that know someone for a few days than you wanna get married. I love how they couldn't stand each other for years. You can tell as teenagers Derek started to kind of have a crush on her. I think he was kind of impressed with her when she sling shotted a tomatoe like he did to her years ago. If you know anything about kids than you know that a lot of the time kids torment each other because they like them. To me it was kind of obvious and cute that they secretly like each other. I love how when they get older their hormones kick in and their little crushes on each other grows into love. I love how Odette does love him but won't marry him unless he says something he loves about her besides that she's unbelievably gorgeous. She knows he loves her but wants him to just tell her why. He truly loves her in my opinion. Even when everyone thinks she dead he doesn't believe it and stops at nothing to find her. She believes they will be together again, though doesn't just wait around for it to happen, she goes and finds him herself. He refuses to marry anyone unless it's Odette. Call me crazy but I don't think he'd do all this just for any beautiful girl. She's something special to him and he's felt it since childhood, she's always found at least some way that impresses him when they were kids, though not purposely. I love how he leaves the ball to find Odette, hoping that maybe somehow he can save her life. She doesn't blame him because she knew the vow was meant for her. I admire how he was willing to fight for his life to bring her back "I won't let her die!". Again he truly loves her and I don't think he'd do all this and almost get killed just for someone who's only beautiful. They're love is something that will last far longer than forever. I love in the third movie how he sings about how he loves her and needs her more than anything in this world. Sure he always does stupid things but he always makes up for them and proves his love. This couple is the most realistic of all couples. This is my all time favorite. These are some quotes that get me everytime.

Quote 1:
Derek: Odette! What have I done to you? Forgive me Odette, for give me.
Odette: Derek?
Derek: Yes Odette, I'm here.
Odette: Derek, I feel so weak... I think.. I'm..
Derek: No, you'll live Odette! The vow I made was for you!
Odette: I know.. I love you Derek... *dies*
Derek: Odette! Odette! Odette! I made the vow for her! DO YOU HEAR? THE VOW I MADE WAS FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote 2:
Derek: Forgive me Odette.. I only wanted to break the spell, to prove my love.. I love you Odette.. your kindness and courage.. I always have *kisses on the forehead*
Odette: *wakes up* Derek?
Derek: Odette!
Odette: Oh Derek! *both hug*
Puffin: Well, there you have it.. ever lasting love...

Quote 3:
Odette: Will you love me Derek, til the day I die?
Derek: No, much longer than that Odette, much longer. *their iconic kiss*