American Idol Where can i watch full episodes online?

Lindarose posted on Feb 27, 2010 at 08:28PM
Hi how can i watch the full episodes online? i´m not from usa.
please no websites with surveys.

thank you

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over a year ago maverick007 said…
You can watch all episodes of american idol easy, just search it through a FLVDirect player.

Just get any FlvDirect player
ex: link (it´s a free one, supports search on 1600 Streamsites)

1. click on -> search -> video
2. search for "american idol all ep" (it´s online, i searched it a minute ago) your episode and click on -> watch online or -> download


(If you search for a certain episode of a tv show just add "all ep" to name in the search field and you will get all episodes listed)

PS: you can also search for movies,tv shows, musicvideos etc etc
over a year ago stac30i said…
Hi, go to
You can watch all episodes of the season there. They usually post them soon after it airs.
over a year ago jerrycorlisscj said…
Check this site, always get newest post:link