American Idol HELP WANTED :p

Team_Edward77 posted on Mar 14, 2009 at 02:43AM
I am looking for some one who can make me a banner for my Kris Allen spot... i dont know how to make one or i would do it my self.

if u cant make a banner thats cool.
but u can always be a fan of my Kris Allen spot!

thanks by the way :)

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over a year ago Officefan222 said…
You can just post a picture or use photoshop or gimp to line all of them up
I like Kris so I'll join the spot
over a year ago Team_Edward77 said…
Thanks but when i do that the picture is really fuzzy :/?
over a year ago Officefan222 said…
You can try a different picture, use a photo retoucher, or find a picture on a offical website, such as
over a year ago Team_Edward77 said…
i have tried :(