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Officefan222 posted on Feb 21, 2009 at 12:23AM
Well, Ryan obviously has a huge crush on
Kara. Don't believe me? Let's look at the facts:
They are obviously very flirty with eachother (Remember Naomi form Jacksonville's audtion????)
They are both really happy when the other one is around. And they are fairly smiley.
Right before the video of Tatiana, he puts his hands on her shoulders, sways her back and forth, and doesn't let go when the video starts. He also talks to her wayyyyyy more than the other judges at the beginning of the shows*****
At the beginning, he obviously flirts a little and messes around with her a little. She also talks to him in this slightly secudive tone when he introduces her. In the middle, when they are about to announce if Stevie Wright is in or not, He says "It's like in a relationship, you aren't sure how to impress to other the person." He glances at the judges table and Kara immediently looks down.

Now do you believe me? They just need a good celebrity couple name and for them to kiss on live tv and they'll be set! Wait, there is some cons........

1. I know some of you think Ryan is gay. Put you saw that picture of him making out with Teri Hatcher! Don't pretend that you didn't. He just likes to look nice.
2. Kara is engaged. But she just got engaged and only knew the guy like a year, so does she really love him enough to marry him???
3. The Show. It could be an issue with some people and the favoritism, but they seem like they could work it out easily.
***He may talk to her more because she is new, but it could be just an excuse to talk to her!

So is it love?????????
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