nisia1102 posted on May 09, 2011 at 12:08AM
The chipmunks lived in a tree then some people cut the tree down then the tree turn into a christmas tree.Then a guy named dave worked where the tree and the other guys does not let dave to is boss eian help him pass.Then eian helps dave pass thorough the guys.Then dave played his music inn and eian didn,t like dave,s music.Then dave went home then the chipmunks jumed out of the tree then the chipmunks jumed in the backet full of mufins.Then thechipmunks started to sing they a lot mouny they went on tours.Then eian said that dave called them rats but, he didn,t saw it them the chipmunks moved to eian,s house.Dave was sad they lefted.but,then eian traped them in a cage but,they got out of the cage and dave saved them the end

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