Just here sharing tea with shitty gifs apparently
Now to start this of in no way am I attacking anyone. I just want people to get the fact correct.

Now to start I just want to say that I will be looking at some of the main reasons why people won't watch Produce48.

"They make the 48 girls look bad"

This is honestly one of the main reasons I didn't want to watch the show after articles of the judges 'tearing apart' the members. It was only when the subbed version came out that you noticed that they didn't hurt them as much as they could have.

>In season 1 they basically called a group of mainly rappers out because they wern't cute

>They make mistakes in ranking them all the time.
(Seriously girls go from A to F in the case of a few episodes.)


Clickbait is essential now a days. They once showed a perview of what looked like Somi (Season 1 winner) trying to fight another contestant. Till this day we don't know what went down because they never aired the footage.

Mnet is known for it's shitty editing to make people look bad or good.

>They use clickbait on YouTube to get attention

>They will continue to use shitty editing to make your oshi look like the most innocent person to walk this earth or the literal spawn of satan.


Watch the show for the drama, memes, and if we're lucky a good group to stan at the end of it all.


Even if you hate Mnet, please don't hate Produce48
stan produce48 for the dramatic, over the top, shady show we deserve