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Human Finname
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flame princess
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Finn's Baby Song
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I had enough of you finn! I cant stand this weird relationship anymore!!! So are you trying to say that you hate me? "answer me Flame Princess" said finn. "You know what infact yeah" said Flame Princess. SO THAT MEANS WE ARE OVER!!!!

After a few weeks Flame Princess regreted of everything she said to finn. Now even jake thinks that she is so mean. Flame Princess went to finn and jakes house but when she was about to enter the door a note was left and it said. "Me and Jake are in the Candy Kingdom." Flame Princess quickly went to the candy kingdom. When she went in she saw finn and Princess Bubblegum holding hands. Flame Princesse's heart felt like tearing into pieces when she saw both of them... She went home and was crying flame balls...
She said lying down on her bed looking at a picture of Princess Bubblegum. " You are going to Pay for what ever you did." then suddenly the picture got burned and was torn into pieces.
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