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Jake the Human;)
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Holy crap my emotions. This is coming from the brilliant mind of LydiaLlama who brought us Marshall Lee the Missing Scene. MY HEART IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE.
marshall lee
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To my one true love,

Finn, I know I have written this letter to you too late. I am fully aware that you are now deeply in love with Flame Princess. Alas! This painful truth is too much for my poor heart to bear.

Oh Finn, no words could express the extent of my love for you. I cannot close my eyes without seeing your handsome face. In my dreams, I feel the heavenly sensation of your lips upon mine as we kiss. Oh, those sweet lips! Whenever I awake, I realize that only the air touches my mouth, and tears flow rapidly from my eyes. During the day, I lock myself in my cold, miserable laboratory,...
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