Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Finn and Flame princess (fanfiction story)

adventure888 posted on Nov 11, 2017 at 04:48PM
For Finn was impossible to to touch Flame princess without hurt himself (or princess). So princess Bubblegum help them because she likes Finn (like friend) and want to make him happy. She found more information about Flame princess and her power: Flame princess power comes from red crystal on her head and it can be removed by difficult magic. This magic knows only one magical creature - Gunter´s kitten.
Finn and Jake go to the Ice King´s palace and ask Kitten for help.

With magical power Kitten remove fire crystal from Flame princess head and it put it on his own head. He became Flame kitten (looks like firewolf: black with orange eyes and flames all around his body). Flame princess turns into normal girl with ginger hair and lose her fire power.

So now can Finn and his princess live together...

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