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Guide by finnlovePB posted over a year ago
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I know you just wanna give your little girl the world

But daddy I'm not just your little girl

I've got my own life

I've got my own plans

I hope you understand

And like the way that I am

'Cause I want your respect

And I want to be here

But I don't want to rule the Nightosphere.

So Finn and Jake
set out to find a new home.
It's gonna be tough
for a kid and a dog on their own.

Here's a little house,
Aw, Finn's stickin' his foot in.
Well, that's a bad idea dude
Cause now that bird thinks you're a jerk, Finn!

And now they're chillin' on the side of a hill!
And thinkin' livin' in a cloud'd be totally thrillin'
Unless they find something inside
Like a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride.

A beehive, oh nooo-ooo-ooo!
Don't put your foot in there, guy!
Y'all tried that before,
Fan fiction by finnlovePB posted over a year ago
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hello diary im back last night was close jake almost know that i have a diary a lot of people think that PB's too old for me but age don't matter besides marciline's much older oh well i still dont know who will i pick hmm.at fanpop they have alot of pick about it its been marclline,PB,FP,marcilline,PB,FP,marciline PB,FP again and again and again shall i try and make one?hmmm okay i guess and i think jake also ha a diary shall i try to look for it .oh well good night......................................... finn:where is it! where is it!! where is it!!! jake:what are you looking for finn,finn:NOTHING
jake:your lying are you finn:NO jake:OK ill go too sleep
Fan fiction by finnlovePB posted over a year ago
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hello diary this is me finn alot of people being fighting over who would i go with even i,can't choose, i'll think about it hmm how about fp shes hot and at my age but i cant live being always burned, PB too old for me if only there were no lemon grab she can be 13 forever,marcilline have the same like of adventures but she looks like young but i know she's 1000 years old and have no likes on me hmm who should i choose hmm.......jake:hey finn what are you doing!!Finn:NOTHING jake:is that your diary finn: NO well whats in there finn:I ALREADY SAID NOTHING jake:*stares on finn*........... works for me good night finn Finn:shooo that was a close one and dear diary jake almost see my diary good night.

Fan fiction by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Cake slapped me as I opened my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight.
"WHAT IS IT CAKE?!!", I scream.
"GUMBALL!!", I scream.
I get my clothes in and grab my backpack and my sword I got back from Ice Queen.
Both me and Cake ran to the Candy kingdom.
I jumped onto Cake's back as we ride along the mountain. I try to think what has happened.
We finally reach the Candy Palace. I run inside.
"GUMBALL!!" I scream. "GUMBALL!!!!!"
I finally reach his room. I see bubblegum melted all across the floor.
"GUMBALL!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!"
I cry as I see Gumballs remaining parts left to spoil in the boiling sun.
I cry as Cake and Lord M. Comfort me.
Who could of done this??? I just sit there, with my only two best friends left.

Marshall Lee's POV
I look into the window. Fionna was sad that I killed Gumbutt.
Fan fiction by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Thanks to all my fans that read my story!!!!! :D

Fionna's POV
I plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I started thinking about how PG saved me. It was so unlikely of him to do that!!!! Why did he do it anyways???? Did he.....care for me??
"Oh, um,yea,hehe........"
"Fionna! Stop zoning out and listen!!!!"
"Ok, fine!!", I say.
I prop myself up on the bed. I sat there, looking at Cake, zoning out again.
"So, I was walking along Breakfast Kingdom....."
"Is this about Lord Monochromicorn again?", I said. Cake talks about him ALL the time.
"Maybe.....", said Cake.
Beemo stared to beep.
"Bath time Fionna!", said Beemo.
"Okay Beemo," I said. I walked into the bath room and took a nice, long bath.

Fan fiction by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Fionna and Cake both walked along the hillside. Prince Gumball had invited both them and Marshall Lee to a picnic under the apple tree up on the hill. Fionna didn't understand why Gumball invited Marshall. He had a hate for him, but Fionna guessed that maybe he invited him just for this time.

Fionna's Pov
I started to slow down. "Cake," I said. "Can you please carry me"?
"Fionna, you need to get out more", said Cake. "You've been eating too many cupcakes.
"But PG makes the BEST cupcakes ever." " I can't resist them!!!"
"Whatever", says Cake. She lets me get on her back, and carry's me to the apple tree. There I see PG, but no Marshall Lee.
"Let's ditch", I said.
"No way!!", says Cake. " You've gotta get your man!!"
"He's not my man!" I said, blushing. Why did i blush so much???
I see PG waving to both me and Cake. Cake lets me hop off, and she goes back to normal size.
"Hello kitty cat", say's PG. He pets Cake as she purrs loudly.
Fan fiction by titanicdragon posted over a year ago
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Author's note

Leixie is a 16 with violet eyes, dirty blonde hair and is 5ft'3in tall. She loves reading, wrinting , singing and swim when she not practice dragonspeak, battle moves. Best Friend: Lightning dragon sliver 14 years old very portative of Lexie Boyfriend: Victor Vampie deep loves Lexie do anything for her Lightning and him don't like each other very much.

Lexie lives in village caves on the edge of oo. She tough warrior has a cople of battle scars. She is alwaystrying to make the world a better place.

"Lexie,Where are you?" asked Lighning

"Up Here" she anwered from the blacksmiths cave.

"Your father the King wants to talk to us, What did you do?"

"What did I do? What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!!!"

"Well, by Gods I sure didn't!!"

"Both of you just go all ready!" yelled Art the blacksmith.

"See you Art" Lexie said as she climbed on to Lighning's back.
Fan fiction by Sailormoonfan45 posted over a year ago
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Finn and Jake~~the last battle with Ice king and the firey kiss

Hail was falling out of the sky rapidly, hurting the people of ooo. Finn and jake had just returned from their fight with a bunch of trolls. Jake looks up at the sky and gwets clonked on the head with potatoe shaped hail.

"What the heck?" jake hissed while looking at the hail.

"You think its evil hail?" finn asked jake pulling him up..Jake is quite for a minute and begins to think about this situation.

"it might be ice king." jake replied. "He must be having his tantrums, should we go kick his butt." out of no where, a fire knight shows up on a fire horse. Finn and jake are puzzled by this sighting and begin to remain silent.

"I am looking for finn the human and jake the dog." The fire knight annouces drawing his firey sword.

"who wants to know, man?" jake said while twisting his hands into odd shape.

"The flame princess has been catured by and ugly old man dress in a ridiculas outfit." the fire knight draws back his sword.
Fan fiction by Sailormoonfan45 posted over a year ago
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IT was a Sunny day in the land of ooo, and finn has just woken up from his depressing dreams. Jake was down stairs making a pot of spaghetti, also making his Famous Oj. Finn walks slumpishly down the stairs and crashes on the couch. Jake looks at him and Frowns noticing finn is having his mood swings. Jakes serves finn a heaping plate of spaghetti and hands it to him. "Whats wrong, dude?" Jake asks him while putting a mouthful of spaghetti into his mouth. "I had a dream about princess Bubblegum, It was about her rejecting me for a hug." Finn says while groaning. "Finn, that wasn't a dream.....that happened yesterday...." finn is silent for five minutes. "I was hoping it was a dream." finn mutters. "Finn, I'm gonna tell you a story about someone with the same problem." Finn groans. "jake, I'm not up for your famous tales." "come on its a good one. Now get comfy 'cause it might take a while for me to remember all the details." "fine." finn says. He grabs a pillow and sits on it eating his spaghetti. "Now, once upon a time, a long time ago before the great mushroom war. In ooo, there was a handsome prince who had all the ladies. Well the prince liked the princesess although he had a...
Fan fiction by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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This is 100 percent fan fiction. It will not be on the show unless I e-mail it to the creator.

Hey PB
How's it goin?
Since weve ben hangin out
i've ben showin
lots of feelings for you
but now there gone
and I hope you understand
in this song
i've got my mind on someone else,
shes got a heart of fire
and im not tryin to bein a liar
my feelings for you
have gone away
so lets remember those happy days,
when I still had fe-e-e-lings for you......
when I still had feelings,for you.

Hope u like :D
Pure fanfiction
News by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Well, rumor has it that Fionna and Cake will come back, which is probably true. It is seen on the adventure time wiki that theere are adventure time comics for about every show they made. It is shown on one page that ice king is making the sequal to his book Fionna and Cake. The sequal is called Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake, which could give us a hint to a upcoming episode. It is shown that ice king is writing his fan fiction until a green portal appears in his home, sucking in all objects that are in his home. There aren't any more pages I could find of this, but I hope this helps you. THANKS!!!!!
Fan fiction by Aidyl11 posted over a year ago
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Aidyl was ahead of jewel,zig-zagging through the pine trees around the lake that held their home."WAIT UP!I can't run as fast as you!",Jewel exclaimed."Then get longer legs and more excersise!",Aidyl replied.Jewel's tail frizzed with annoyance.5 minutes later,they stopped to take a rest."*pant,pant*Man,how are we going to find where the sword is when there's so many places that could hold an underwater cave?!!",Aidyl said."I have no*pant,pant,pant* idea dude,but right now,*pant*I suggest that we should find macaroni,milkshakes,and*pant,pant* fries.",Jewel said."Heh.Maybe that's why you can't run as fast as me.",Aidyl said with a hint of laughter in her voice."DON'T JUDGE ME!",Jewel yelled,her tail frizzing out.She started to chase Aidyl around but 2 minutes later,she collapsed on the ground."1 point for me,one point for you.Whoever wins the most points at the end of the day wins.",Aidyl said."It's ON.",Jewel said."Now let's go ask Water Prince where we should possibly look for that sword.",Aidyl said."Yeah right.You just wanna see him cuz you LIKE him.",Jewel said teasingly."I DO NOT!!!",Aidyl denied angrily."Dude,you do!You're angrily denying it!That means you like him!",Jewel...
Fan fiction by Aidyl11 posted over a year ago
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Jewel looked up and saw Aidyl swimming up to the surface,about to reach fresh air.Jewel swam up to follow her.Even though she prefered caves filled with peridot,the gems she could summon into any shape imaginable,she lost to Aidyl in Rock Paper Scissors,resulting in getting an underwater house.Jewel broke the surface of the water,her helmet opening so that she could brethe fresh air."Finally,I thought you had chickened out and decided to stay at home.",Aidyl said."Well,you're probably gonna need some help,so say what you want.",Jewel said."THEN LET'S GO GET THAT AWESOME SWORD!!!",Aidyl said,getting her iron sword out of her scabbard,throwing it in the air behind her,doing a backwards somersault into the air,then catching the sword by the handle and landed perfectly on the ground."WOAH...",Jewel said in amazement."But you can't top THIS!",Jewel exclaimed, and as the diamond-shaped peridot gem on her forehead started to glow,her paws neared the ground,then she pulled her arms up,peridot dagggers appearing in both of her paws.She spun around in an orange and black blur,and then stopped,flipping into the air,landing on all fours, and stabbing the ground with the daggers as practice,in...
Fan fiction by marksmen456 posted over a year ago
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"Are... you... The Chaos King?" Asked Finn.

The Chaos King said nothing, But stared at his surroundings.

"This place, It is much different then when I was last here, Last time I was here, There was a bunch of fire...." He said.

Jake whispered to Finn, "Dude, we should beat him up while he's talking, He IS the King of Evil."

"Let's do it!" Finn responded.

They both charged, The Chaos King simply raised his hand, They both froze in place, And made them both fly into the wall.

"Fools, You DARE challenge me?!" He yelled.

Finn growled, And charged again. Chaos King just backhanded him away. Jake caught Finn.

"You okay brother?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

The Chaos King growled. "Enough of your games." He formed a ball of darkness in his hand, And threw it at both of them. And explosion was seen, They both flew out of the castle.

Jake formed a parachute and they both landed saftley.
Fan fiction by Aidyl11 posted over a year ago
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I in no way own Adventure Time,but this is my Adventure Time Fanfiction:

Aidyl sat in her underwater home,contemplating if she should kick Fire Queen's butt,or if she should visit Water Prince."Yo,Aidyl,I got some cheese curls right here!",Aidyl's cat,Jewel,said as she tossed a bag of cheese curls to her.Aidyl did a somersault into the air,catched the cheese curls in doing so,and landed back on the ground."SWIZ!",Aidyl said happily."Oh,and I got this awesome looking book too!Check it.",Jewel said,holding up the book and showing Aidyl the cover,which read,'Legendary Everything for Awesome People'."Perfect!After all,we are awesome people.And legendary everything is ALGEBRAIC!",Aidyl said."I know,right?Now let's crack this thing open!",Jewel said,then setting the book on a stand and opening it to a random page.Almost immediately,the cat's eyes widened with pure awe."WHAT?WHAT?",Aidyl asked excitedly."DUDEEEE....check out this sword!"Aidyl walked over to the opened book and her eyes almost grew as big as her hand."WOAH!WE HAVE TO GET THAT SWORD JEWEL!",she said,gripping Jewel very tightly by the arms and shaking her around."Ok,let go of me.",Jewel said,a bit agitated.Aidyl...
Fan fiction by marksmen456 posted over a year ago
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"Whoo Hoo!!!" Yelled Finn screaming down a hill made purley of chocolate, Jake was stuffing chocolate down his throat as he slide down the Chocolate hill.

"Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm, Brother, This is some awesome chocolate!" Exclaimed Jake, licking chocolate off his fingers.

"You got that right!" Said Finn back.

"Finn! Jake!" Yelled a Familiar voice.

"Princess Bubblegum!" Exclaimed Finn.

"Oh, there you two are! Why are you out here?" She asked.

"Just eating this chocolate." Said Jake with a smile.

"Yeah, This hill is awesome." Finn Agreed.

"Well, You two should start heading back soon, The Party of the Kings will start soon!" She said to them.

"Ooooo, Really? Cool!" Said Finn.

"Yes, Very 'Cool', So lets head back." She said.

So Finn, Bubblegum, and Jake went back to the Candy Kingdom. Where they met some familiar faces, Such as the Ice King, Fight King, Fire King, And....
Article by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Princess Bubblegum = The creators weren't expecting a "love relationship" going on in the beginning of the series. This show is called Adventure Time, so they wanted to start off with adventures and not lovey-dovey stuff. Anyways, a 13 year old hooking up with a 18 year old wasen't really age appropriate I guess.

Marceline = I think Marceline was supposed to be more of a challange for Finn and Jake, not a love intrest. Anyways, Marceline dosen't appear in alot of episodes anymore, so we cant learn much more aboout her past such in the episode "Memory of a memory", where we see Marceline with her ex, and her with her dad at the restraunt as her dad was eating her fries. Anyways, Marceline would never hook up with Finn.

Opinion by maceylol posted over a year ago
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[Maceylol] (ok people I'm telling a story and it's a good story and you'll love it and i'll be making more so sit back and enjoy the story of the cat the chick with a really cool hat and the vimpire king) (evicted) [Cake]and then the vampire smashes their skulls just for the fun of it and leaned over it's victdoms and drank their blood ooooooo the end time for bed and wach out for vampires [Fionna] (nervously) yeah right cake cake! [cake] gooood nighhht []fionna sits in bed looks around and then hears a tree tapping at the window then sees a hand at the window suddly it flashes and she sees a scarey face [Fionna][screams and runs downstairs] cake! cake! i saw a a a a a vampire!!!! chill out girl i made it up to scare you [fionna] what [cake] i was trying to scare you []lighting flashes [cake] screams [fionna ] no ones outside you big baby [cake] i was singing hmf [] both look up and see a vampire [vampire] (hisses)[both] scream [Marshall lee]what's up ladys i'm Marshall lee the vampire king [both] please don't suck our blood [marshall lee] calm down I'm not gonna do that[fionna] so you don't suck blood [marshall lee] sometimes but its not the blood i like its the...
Article by lolhooplacatz posted over a year ago
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Here's some Adventure Time songs....

All Gummed Up Inside
I can't keep pushing this down, any deeper.
Why do I keep trying if I can't keep her?
Every move I make, is just another mistake.
I wonder what it'll take?
It feels like there's a hole inside my body.
A hole inside my heart.
I wonder if this feeling is gonna consume me?
If I keep waiting for this thing to start.
It feels like I'm all gummed up inside, (x2)
It feels like I'm all gummed up insi~iii~iiide~.

All Warmed Up Inside
Oh, Flame Princess,
I think you're rad,
I really wanna kiss you,
Right in front of your dad,
Cause' I think you're great,
I wanna be your mate,
and maybee go on a date,
It feels like there's a fire inside my body,
A fire inside my heart,
It's like this fire's gonna consume me,
If i keep waiting for it to start,
I feel all warmed up inside, (x2)
I feel all warmed up insi~iii~iide~
Fan fiction by TheGece posted over a year ago
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Dear Diary,

I really like this boy named Finn.He is such a hero in this land.He saved me millions of times and he calls me Princess.He always wears a green bapack and a white hat.Under it, he has long lucious blonde hair that is so soft.There is a candy cane ball coming up and I want him to be my date.I kissed him on the cheek one time when he did something really heroic.But cheek and lips are in dfferent areas.He also had this dog named Jake. Finn is the most hottest guy in the kingdom.
Ive really got the hots for him.Hes like a girls
best friend,chocolate.Im having a specialy made
dress to go to the ball.

(Pure FANFICTION) Comment and tell me if I should
make a 16 & pregnant Finn and Princess Bubblegum
News by chillyneon posted over a year ago
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Interveiwer = Okay,so today we have two special guest! Fionna and Cake. Lets get started!

I= So how's it been in the land of Aaa?

F = Pretty good.

C= I agree with Fionna.

I = Okay, so I have a few questions......

F = Come at me bro!

I = Okay,so I was just wondering about PG and Marshall.....

F= Arent they gonna get interveiwed too? Ask them when they come on.

C= Ohhhh I know what you mean * smirks*


I = All I wanted to say was which one would you go out with?

F= Umm.....

I = Cake,everyone knows you do not approve Marshall, correct?

C = YES!!!!! Im afraid he'll drink Fionna's blood......or even mine!!

I = Mhmm.... so what about Gumball?

C = Oh, he's fine. Especially when Lord Monochromicorn is his pet!! Me-ow!

I = Okay back to Fionna. So who would YOU pick?

Opinion by weepywilow posted over a year ago
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lisen up eveybody i'm starting a new season of adventure time...it's all fan fic.s you can read them right here or at:
the webite is also a bog :)... anyways next episode is going to -anti finn- wanna see what it's all about check it out in 0-2 days

hope yall enjoy it a whole lot,

List by obssesedTDIgirl posted over a year ago
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56 fans
I don't really update this anymore! If you really want to see ALL the songs click link.

Adventure Time Theme

Adventure time,
Come on grab your friends,
We'll go to a very distant land,
Jake the dog,
and fin the human,
The fun will never end,
Its adventure Time!




Adventure Time Ending Theme
Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree

Adventure Time Ending Theme (original)
Come along with me
Opinion by weepywilow posted over a year ago
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princess bubblegum

Fav food:candy
fav activity:sience exparaments
fav color:pink
fav music:pop (bubblegum pop)
fav candy:Bubblegum

Hot dog princess

Fav food:corn dogs
fav activity:playing fetch
fav music:rap ("what's up hot doug")
fav candy:Bones

Slime princess

Fav food:jello
fav cativity:jiggleing
fav music:electro (eventhough it's hard for me to shake it)
fav candy:gumdrops


fav food:the color red
fav activity playing music
fav music:rock (the kind i play;it makes you feel cold blooded)
fav candy:red liquerish

Lumpy space princess

fav food:beans
fav activity:texting
fav music:? (whateva my fiends like)
fav candy: candy makes my face like break out!
Guide by laser5142 posted over a year ago
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So, you have a mystery, and only have a handful of information. What do you do? You break down that mystery with your mathematical mind!! Here's the basic steps to making and publishing a solved case of the mystery. First, you got to really look at what your trying to solve. Do you see anything that does make sense? Anything that doesn't? Just remember these things to make breakthroughs. Next, search either this site or the wiki of Adventure Time (you got to check that wiki out!) Look for the keywords of what your investagating e.g. you have a mystery of why Ice King couldn't date when he had a clean a reputation (lol, I couldn't think of any other good mysteries!) You would look for Ice King. Then, you probably find something saying where he was born. Look up that area and look for any residents that are the same age. Then search up all those people. Then see any stories of them that seem to be the rejection of him. You see a girl mentioning "That dude was a total loser." This could be refferal to the Ice King! Try analyzing key parts of the story. Then connect them to all characters of the story, like a person that gossiped about him and a rumor that the ice king says is false....