True Quotes makes you realize all

Ch1: Friendly Quotes
At the tree fort:
Finn: Hey every let us start the game!
Jake: I’m first, Without Humor, Life sucks;
Without courage, Life is hard;
Without love, Life is hopeless;
Without friends like you. Life is impossible;
Finn: so touching
PB: I’m next, this one, Jake won’t beat me up!
Making a million friends is not a miracle
The miracle is to make a friend
Who will stand by you when millions are against you
Marceline: true
Finn: awe anyway I’m next, here I start
True friendship Is like a Rose…
We can’t realize it’s beauty
Until it fades
LSP: Oh what a great quotes here’s mine
a friends……./////
To be continue.
Eula2003’s note: Oops sorry I will just continue it tomorrow, I hope you like it, thx 4 reading my article, I hope you could read more article from me ^u^