Chapter 10: - Flame or Bubblegum? -
“Hey Finn, how are you?” Jake asked.
“I`m fine Jake, And Jake, We met Princess Dragon!” Finn yells happy.
“What, DRAGON?” Jake shocked.
“Yes, A dragon, And it`s name is Drabbles” Finn reply.
“Drabbles? It she is a girl or boy?” Ask Jake.
“I don`t know! But later on, we have a party or Christmas party to the Candy Kingdom, Would you like to join?” Finn asked to Jake.
“Well, actually, of course! But what time?” Jake asked.
“7 pm!” Finn said.
“Ok, but what about Flame Princess, she said to me yesterday, She have a Christmas Party too, and 7 pm too!” She confused.
“Oh, I forgot too, she has! But who`s I’m going to choose?” Finn asked.
“Well, I don`t know, But for me, I going to lady`s house! See you later Finn!” Jake yelled.
“What?” Finn shouts.
At the Fire Kingdom:
“Oh, Finn” Said the Princess.
The man knocks the door.
“Finn, your coming!” Flame Princess said happy.
“Of course, why not!” reply Finn.
“Where`s your gift?” The Princess of the Kingdom asked.
“Oh, Sorry, Jake didn`t tell that to me!” Finn said.
“Ok” Flame Princess said.
“Flame Princess, Wait, I going back, because I have forgot something!” Finn said nervously.
“Ok, so why are you nervous?” Flame Princess asked.
“Nothing, I`ll be right back!” Finn yells.
At the Candy Kingdom:
“Oh! Princess” Finn said.
“Finn, come in! Would you like tea?” Princess asked.
“No thanks, here`s the gift! Well, Princess, I`ll going to back, we have a conversation their? I`ll back” Finn said exhausted and nervously.
At the Fire Kingdom:
“Hey, Princess Bubblegum” Finn said exhausted.
“Princess Bubblegum? I`m not Princess Bubblegum” Flame Princess said.
Finn fainted.
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