Chapter 7: - Chatting is the Best Policy -
Finn and Marceline are chatting each other in Face Book that Finn`s post picture in their laptop. Suddenly Princess Bubblegum saw their chatting, Princess Join at their conversation;
Princess: Hi Finn Hey Marceline! Finn  Marceline:*
Finn: Hi Princess, do you want to join?
Princess: Oh, Yes I do Finn! 
Marceline: Ahem, Excuse Me.
Finn: Oh, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum join to our conversation, Come on Let`s Continue!
Princess: Hey Finn, I`m going to wash my hands because my hands are full of Chemical, But I’m online so just wait for a minute. 
Finn: Ok. Marceline let`s continue!
Marceline: Ok, so what`s your favorite color?
Finn: Blue, maybe Green. What about you?
Marceline: Red and Black, your turn now to ask me questions!
Finn: Marceline, Define Love.
Marceline: Love is
Princess: Hey, I`m Back, Hey MARCELINE, where`s Finn?
Marceline: Finn is in the Tree Fort, don`t you.
Princess: I hate that vampire teen who`s never clean.
Marceline: I hate Candy that who`s kind of dumb.
Princess: I hate those VAMPIRES that flying.
Marceline: Ok, so I hate have a name GUM!
Princess: I hate some vampires that have pangs.
Marceline: Ahem, All vampire`s have pangs.
Princess: I hate the vampires that have a Dark Blue hair.
Marceline: I hate Princess that has a long and PINK hair and has a crown.
Princess: Oh, so ok, so I hate Marceline.
Marceline: I hate Princess Bubblegum.
Princess: I hate you!
Marceline: I hate you two!
Finn: Hi nice conversation you have! 
Marceline: Finn!
Princess: Are you watching us?
Finn: Not really, I mean yes!
Marceline and princess: We will kill you
Finn: But you know all users can see your comments! Anyway, Marceline, come on we have a contest, remember?
Marceline: oh, yeah, come on!
Finn: Bye Princess!
Princess: oh, Finn 
Jake: Jealous.
Princess: Shut up.
Jake: owes! ,  Chatting is best policy! 