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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Question

Should Finn and Flame Princess get back together???

It would be cool to FP and Finn back together wouldn't it and I really want to see how there relationship would work if Finn hadn't f up :D
 FiNNM posted over a year ago
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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Answers

DerpThatHerp said:
It would be good for like all this club (like fam this club used to have a congress just for that ship) but since I haven't caught up to the latest episode (Im like probably 100 off at this point) and since I wont be bothered to lets just say

Plot Convenience (Horrible answer)
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posted over a year ago 
amyrosethefirst said:
No personally I would rather he end up with Marcy
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posted over a year ago 
True-Finn-Fan said:
I would say yes. But I want Finn to get back together with the original FP. back when her character was more or less innocent destruction, Super passionate, and fun in her own way. Her current personality is a U-turn of that. She's now just like a less plotting and less scientific version of Bubblegum. So the character dynamic that made Finname so great is gone on her side. This is also hurt by episodes like Red Throne and The Cooling, which showed that she didn't have any attachment to finn at all and that she more easily forgave those who attacked something she was "passionate" about than him. Regardless of if finn messed up, he did so much for her and did so much to expand her world, but she just shrugged that off and cared zero about him afterward. Then of course the biggest middle finger is when she just listened and forgave Bubblegum after she crippled her defenses and hurt her citizens, but did not listen to a word finn said. Of course some attribute this to the cosmic owl dream.

Yes only if FP's character is that of before the breakup. otherwise, hesitantly, maybe.
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posted 12 months ago 
dadadas said:
No. Im not putting up with all of that bullshit, NOT AGAIN. Not that FP isn't fit for Finn but i just hate the fact that FP turns out to be another PB - another unrequited love for Finn. Fuck that. Its all Too Young all over again.
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posted 11 months ago 
...well, can't argue that, but also can't support it.
True-Finn-Fan posted 11 months ago
Nemesis_Rantz said:
Not really. I mean, if they got back together, it would have reminiscence (google it) of their old relationship, and they'd break up again. But their relationship as friends is different, but that seems to be an excuse for FP not fucking up Finn, cause their friends. I was a huge fan of this relationship, but when it was over, i was like; that's the breaking point. And I feel that they're better off know then they were then. Plus Finn screwed up the last one, so how would the second one end up? W/ someone dead maybe, but that's sounds like a fanfic in the making. Finn still has feelings for Phoebe (that's her real name idiots) but is mature enough to suppress them and act appropriately which is what makes it more important that they remain friends. They should be separate, but should still be able to enjoy each other.

God damn that's like poetry, but really stupid
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posted 3 months ago 
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