Actresses Banner Contest - *Round 5 CLOSED*

LUNAFAN posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 06:10PM
Hi Guys!

I saw this on another spot and thought it would be fun to have it here too! So credits go to link.

As u understood frm the title, this is a banner contest.


*An actress will be selected for the round and u should make banners with pics of that actress only.

*Each participant can submit one banner per round.

*You have to make the banner yourself, and you cannot use the same banner twice.

*Banners need not be 800x100 pixels, it can be of any size.But it should not be just a picture, even if you have done edits to it.

* You'll get props for winning and participating:
1st place - 10 props
2nd place - 6 props
3rd place - 3 props
For participating - 1 prop

*Winners will also get to choose the actress for the next round.(If within 3 days you don't message me the actress for the next round, then I will decide it).

*The pick is up for 2 days, and the game is open 4-7 days.

link : Your favourite actress.
*1st place-charmed_phoebe
*2nd place-Anichu90v2
*3rd place-Vampire_Orchid

link : Ashley Greene
*1st place-Martym
*2nd place-charmed_phoebe
*3rd place-CullenSisters-X

link : Emma Watson
*1st place- CullenSisters-X
*2nd place- Anichu90v2
*3rd place- ChiffaniChan

link : Candice Accola
*1st place- Clavicula
*2nd place- CullenSisters-X
*3rd place- marlanido

link : Amanda Seyfried
*1st place- CullenSisters-X
*2nd place- LUNAFAN
*link- Martym


Props Ranking :
1. CullenSisters-X - 23 props
2. charmed_phoebe - 18 props
3. Anichu90v2 - 14 props
4. Clavicula - 12 props
5. Martym - 12 props
6. marlanido - 5 props
7. Vampire_Orchid - 4 props
8. ChiffaniChan - 4 props
9. BeautifulN - 2 props
10.greatfanofdemi - 2 props
11.zupanic - 2 props
12.bubbles4u22 - 1 prop
13.123Naki456 - 1 prop

Please participate in my link

Hi Guys!

I saw this on another spot and thought it would be fun to have it here too! So credits go t
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