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haley_scott posted on Oct 05, 2010 at 03:46PM
Well you know how it works. I'll name an actress and you can post a photograph or drawing.

1st place - 10 props
2nd place - 7 props
3rd place - 5 props
For participating - 1 prop

Round 1: Anna Popplewell [Winner: Blake_Lively]
Round 2: Dakota Fanning [Winner: Eleana]
Round 3: Megan Fox [Winner: celina]
Round 4: Kristen Stewart [Winner: celina]
Round 5: Angelina Jolie [Winner: Blake_Lively]

Round 6: Nina Dobrev [Winner: 123Naki456 & spuffy_love & Vampire_Orchid]
Round 7: Jennifer Love Hewitt [Winner: Blake_Lively]
Round 8: Natalie Portman [Winner: modernfan]
Round 9: Anne Hathaway [Winner: Blake_Lively]
Round 10: Emma Stone [Winner: zupanic]

Round 11: Rachel Hurd-Wood [Winner: Blake_Lively]
Round 12: Emma Watson [Winner: BeautifulN]
Round 13: Jennifer Aniston [Winner: bene22]
Round 14: Nikki Reed [Winner: zupanic]
Round 15: Mila Kunis [Winner: celina & Radvile]

Round 16: Amanda Seyfried [Winner: celina]
Round 17: Charlize Theron [Winner: Radvile]
Round 18: Ellen Page [Winner: _metallica_]
Round 19: Helena Bonham Carter [Winner: BeautifulN]
Round 20: Nicole Kidman [Winner: chairnatic]

Round 21: Leighton Meester [Winner: Radvile]
Round 22: Holly Marie Combs [Winner: BeautifulN]
Round 23: Kristen Bell [Winner: BeautifulN]
Round 24: Julia Roberts [Winner: el0508]
Round 25: Sarah Michelle Gellar [Winner: celina]

Round 26: Rosario Dawson [Winner: bene22]
Round 27: Alexandra Daddario [Now open]
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