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It had been 3 hours from the Jamie and Landon wedding. She was so beautiful in that dress. Landon looked breathlessly as she came down the aisle. She smiled at Landon and never wanted to be without him ever again.
"I somberly swear to take Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan to be my lawfully wedding wife" Landon said. "I somberly swear to take Landon Rollins Carter to be my lawfully wedding husband" Jamie said. "I pronounce you husband and wife" Hegbert said.
After the wedding
They had a big reception with so many people. The cake was huge. All Landon's friends were there. Jamie was happy that she...
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Chapter 4: Meeting the Sullivans

Jill was making waffles and pancakes, Randy wanted to make plans to talk to Jamie's family.

"Randy?, what are you doing?" asked Jill

"I'm making plans with Jamie's family, I want you to meet them"

"Honey I'll love to meet them but I don't think, they don't want to meet us"

"I can see why" Randy said looking at the waffles and the pancakes shirk. Brad comes down in his old soccer uniform and jeans.

"Mom the pancakes and waffles shirk again" said Brad

"I know" said Jill cleaning up the food

"Hey Randy, how do you feel playing soccer?"

"Can't I'm busy"

"Are you still working...
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Sitting at the pew in church that afternoon, Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of Reverend Sullivan, reached for her Bible, opened it and began to turn the pages, her hazel eyes scanning the words and phrases that she had picked out at random and mentally began studying.

Finally, her eyes lit up with some sparkle when she came to the book of Psalms. She then began to read Psalm 1 up to verse 4.

For some reason that only she knew, Jamie felt that she had to read those verses. She knew that they were very important – both the words and the phrases.

"Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice...
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Chapter 9- Song for the Lonely

December 1st was the funeral of Cynthia Grace Carter. Landon, Susie and Hegbert planned the funeral. The last few days it was just too hard to
describe. The Taylors helped in every way they can. Jamie and Hegbert were walking around. Jamie tried to calm down her father.

"I can't believe she's gone," said Hegbert

"Dad I'm so sorry," said Jamie

"This is like when you mother died, I can't believe Cynthia is dead too" said Hegbert.

Hegbert went away and Jill came up to Jamie.

"Jamie I am so sorry," said Jill

"Thanks Mrs. Taylor" said Jamie

"Call me Jill," said Jill

"I couldn't"...
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